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The Ham Hams Are Coming To Shops Near You...

by Peter on Jan. 6, 2003 @ 5:50 p.m. PST

The Ham Hams are all set to begin their exciting adventures on the Game Boy Color as Nintendo announces the arrival of Hamtaro on January 10th 2003. With heart warming characters, plenty of adventure and even its own unique language, Hamtaro is set to be the must have game for kids in 2003.

The Hamtaro phenomenon was first introduced to children in Japan as a series of illustrated storybooks in 1997. Hamtaro is the category leader in children's publishing in Japan, with a children's program in Tokyo, a top-selling children's home video and a successful children's music soundtrack. This sensation has already spread to Europe through the Hamtaro cartoon on Fox TV and the range of Ham Ham toys, both early indications of the success in store for this delightful Game Boy Color game as it takes Europe by storm next month.

Whether kids fall for the irresistible charms of Stan, warm to the shy Cappy, feel the wrath of Boss or giggle with the girly Pashmina, they can't help but be truly charmed by the Ham Ham clan. Each Hamster has its own unique history and personality, offering players hours of fun as they discover the diverse qualities and identities of each hamster.

It is the spirited Hamtaro that players accompany throughout the game as he endeavours to find his hamster friends and accompany them all back to the Club House. In order to accomplish this mission, players must learn the Ham Hams distinctive language, as it is only by combining over 80 terms and solving puzzles along the way that the hamsters can be reunited. For additional entertainment, combine music with moves and watch the Ham Hams dance!

Hamtaro is set to join the superb library of games for Game Boy with more than 1000 worldwide.

Hamtaro is exclusive to the NINTENDO GAME BOY COLOR and launches on 10th January 2003 at the estimated retail price of around 35 Euros.

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