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'XIII' (PS2) - A High-Res Image

by Thomas on Oct. 18, 2003 @ 1:45 a.m. PDT

PlayStation 2 players will benefit from five multiplayer modes including "The Hunt" and "Power Up" with up to four players online, in addition to the two-player split-screen offline. The exclusive PS2 multiplayer mode, Power Up, is a custom Deathmatch multiplayer mode, which includes various pick-ups – some classic pick-ups are replaced with funnier ones, such as "Frag Instant Death" (ability to kill opponent with one shot) or "SuperGnome" (character becomes deformed). Additionally, pick-ups are chosen according to the player's score position. The best player will receive the worst pick-ups and vice versa.

In the Hunt, players chase a running target throughout the map. Points are scored depending on how much damage is afflicted each time the target is hit. The more times the target is hit, the smaller it becomes, so scoring becomes more difficult. Players gain extra points by killing the target, but touching the target results in death!

Key Features

The Ultimate Conspiracy.
Unravel a whirling conspiracy plot where your identity, the President's assassination, and the future of America are shrouded in mystery.

So Much Style It's Criminal.
Graphic novel presentation, flashback graphics and pop-up windows create a groundbreaking entry into the genre. XIII marshals the power of Unreal II technology and unique comic book visual styles.

Groundbreaking Gameplay.
Experience a wide variety of gameplay - cunning use of human shields, silent weapons and XIII's internal "sixth sense" that detects approaching enemies. To survive, you'll master techniques ranging from covert infiltration to heavy combat as you battle sinister conspiratorial forces.

A Deadly Arsenal of Weapons.
Handle a dizzying array of weapons ranging from silent crossbows to precision sniper rifles, to furious automatic weapons, to chairs, bottles, ashtrays, shovels and even enemy soldiers' bodies.

A New Kind of Multiplayer.
Square off against other players in innovative multiplayer modes such as the cooperative Cover Me, along with classic modes such as Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.

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