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Club Manager - Your Club - Your Game

by Thomas on Nov. 7, 2003 @ 9:07 a.m. PST

Just Football have pulled off what must be the biggest multi sku release of a PC game ever. With 17 versions of Club Manager shipping out of their warehouse in the last week, Just Football have completed a logistical challenge bigger even than some of their main stream publishing competitors.

Just Football's product manager Scott Phillips gasped, 'it has been a gruelling 6 months, we have achieved what many other publishers would or have walked away from, namely a record amount of club specific games in a short period of time. We have always taken the view that a spread of clubs was important, this is proof that we deliver'.

The game's developer, Smoking Gun's business development director, Rob Henderson, added,' It has been a significant upping of the ante from last season's offering where we focused on 6 clubs. This season has seen us almost triple that output and is a signal to football fans everywhere that we actually are prepared to work on 'brands' that are not necessarily mass market household names, except of course if you live in Ipswich, Norwich, Sheffield, Bolton, Blackburn, the Black Country, Edinburgh, Portsmouth, Southampton, Leeds, Manchester, Sunderland, Liverpool and London!'

Scott further added, 'We are actively pursuing other clubs from the Premier League and the Nationwide League and hope to make some further club partnership announcements before the year end'.

Paul Hyslop, sales manager of Just Football, commented, ' I have been buoyed by the support shown by our retail partners. Companies such as Game, Gamestation, HMV and PC World have seen the potential of the concept and are stocking the range. This is seriously good news for all football fans and a positive sign that individual clubs' are able to have their very own games.'

Fans from Wolverhampton to Manchester have already reacted positively to the game:-

"I have been looking forward to the game for some time it is a very good game in my opinion better than Championship Manager." Dominic Lawton a Wolves fan

"Just to say a wonderful game a pure challenger to Championship Manager" James Higgins a Manchester City fan

What the papers said last season

"Easier to play and more focused than Champ Manager"

"Soccer fans that follow these clubs are sure to net one of these top flight management games"

"Well worth the dosh!! 5 out of 5"

"More appealing than any previous football sim... you will feel rewarded by its ease of play, its multitude of extended options... 9 out of 10"


Just Football, the publisher behind the only club-specific range of football management games, is a joint venture between specialist publisher Just Flight, and experienced developer Smoking Gun Productions. The new venture launched in 2002 with 6 club specific management games, with the range expanding in 2003 to include 17 top clubs from the FA Premier League, the Nationwide Division 1, and the Scottish Premier League.

Further details of the full range of Club Manager games can be found at:

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