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'RuneScape 2' - Beta Goes Live

by Thomas on Dec. 1, 2003 @ 1:20 a.m. PST

Jagex Ltd. is pleased to announce that the public beta of RuneScape 2 goes live today. RuneScape 2 is a completely updated version of the hugely popular online adventure game RuneScape, where players have monsters to skill, map to explore and quests to complete. RuneScape 2 features vastly improved graphics and a completely new game engine... Read more for details!

RuneScape 2 goes live today at

'The whole team has worked really hard to get this Beta ready for launch.' says Constant Tedder, Managing Director of Jagex Ltd, 'Our existing players have been really patient as the wait has been longer than we would have hoped for. Hopefully when they see what we have done we will have gone beyond their expectations.'

RuneScape 2 Beta is initially only open to current subscribers. When the game goes full launch early in 2004 existing RS1 players will be able to transfer their accounts in full to RS2 ,with all stats intact.

Tedder added: 'RuneScape 2 is a truly giant leap bringing fully 3D massively multi-player gaming to anyone with an internet connection. Playable in the browser with no lengthy downloads or cumbersome installation process, anyone can start playing in just a few minutes.'

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