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Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

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'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' (ALL) - Quotes

by Thomas on Dec. 5, 2003 @ 12:47 a.m. PST

Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines
The making of......

What the stars and creators of Terminator 3 say about the video games...

Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Terminator

T3 is an action-packed movie: battle scenes of epic proportions. Ever since the first Terminator came out, I think that this has become a monster - the lines in the movie, the scenes in the movie - it's a very popular character and a huge franchise. I think Jonathan Mostow, our director, did a really great job with the film and I'm very proud of it.

I think that the video game has a lot of the mythology of the Terminator. Now you can, not only just watch the movie, but now you can actually participate and play these video games.

I've been asked many times to do video games. I always thought that this doesn't look like me, this is not my face. In the old days, in the old system, the old games, they put out maybe 1,500 polygons or something, they always had these square, weird looking kind of things, and the bodies don't look real either. So I always stayed away from that, I thought it's better to not get involved, if it's not my likeness, or if it doesn't do the movie justice...

Now you have them putting out 5,000 polygons, or sometimes in the cinematic scenes even 50,000 polygons, and so now the likeness is much more accurate and now when you look at it, it really comes alive and it is a real joy to see that and to play that game. Now the whole thing really looks great.

I am 100% behind this game, because it is fantastic, it looks great, and everyone will enjoy it.

Kristanna Loken - TX

It was an experience like nothing else: working with all the people and the whole big creative process... knowing that you're doing your best, you can relax at that knowledge.

Nick Stahl - John Connor

On the film - It was amazing, just the stunts or the action sequences... it was just an adventure every day to come to work.

On the game - All these characters are so realistic; it's like pretty surreal actually. If you're a fan of the Terminator franchise, I don't know what other experience tops seeing the movie than being the Terminator yourself. It's just cool, is the only way I can say it.

Jonathan Mostow - Director

It's so rare that you get the opportunity to work on a film where it's known all over the world. The Terminator is arguably the most famous character ever in the history of the motion pictures. Everybody in the world knows that character.

Stan Winston - Character and creature creator

The endo-skeleton from the first movie, that chrome skull, has probably become the most iconic image in Hollywood history. The mind of a kid who loves this kind of movie loves games: the comic book lovers, super hero lovers, the science-fiction fantasy lovers, the gamers... and I can't wait to put as much play-time as I can on T3 the game.

Andrew Vajna - Producer

Terminator being the kind of action picture that it is, I think lends itself perfectly to a video game. What was really exciting for me in looking at the video game as it's been developing, is that we have our four principal actors in the video game:
Nick Stahl, Clare Danes, Kristanna Loken as the TX girl, Arnold Schwarzenegger. They're all there, they're all life-like, they look just like they looked in the movies. And it's important to me personally that the video game is just as exciting, just as fulfilling and just as imaginative as the movie itself. You get to go and interact with them in different environments. - they're from the movie itself. And I think that's really delivering the promise of T3 the video game.

As the movies are exciting and full of surprises I think this game will be too.

Mario Kassar - Producer

This is the first time that Arnold Schwarzenegger has given his likeness to the game. The real fans who absolutely love the movie,

John Botti, - CEO, Blacks Ops Entertainment

You scan an image of someone, and their voice and their movements together and that's them. That's that character. That's Arnold Schwarzenegger in our game.

That's never been done before. You as the player actually get to be the Terminator. You get to play his part in the game.

Josie Volleta - Games Director - Blacks Ops Entertainment

I've seen him play the game and it's like he's saying it to himself: "Excellent", "I love it", "I'll be back"... The classic lines...

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