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Infinite Frontiers Brings Old Software To A New Audience

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 8:16 a.m. PST

The non-profit making science fiction and gaming organisation, Infinite Frontiers, is now pleased to announce a major expansion to their software downloads section covering a range of platforms including the PC and Amiga... Dozens of 8- and 16-bit games available for download, with the original authors' blessing. (And, for what it's worth, ours too.)

Following extensive negotiations, we have managed to secure permission to include a number of older commercial games and applications online. Unlike many "abandonware" websites, everything on Infinite Frontiers Online has been included with the backing of the original authors and/or publishers and as such, the downloads are completely legal.

At the moment, we have a large selection of classic games from Jeff Minter's Llamasoft for use with emulators for the Commodore 64, 8-bit Atari, Commodore 16, Vic 20 and many more including Matrix, Attack Of The Mutant Camels, Hovver Bovver and many more, with more games being added shortly.

For those of you who have fond memories of the Amiga, we have an extensive range of games including the classic kart-style racer, XTreme Racing and Vulcan Software's legendary 3D shooter, Genetic Species. As well as this, we have the Amig back-catalogue from Mutation Software, and games from Revolution Software (developers of Broken Sword).

All of these games will work happily on most Amiga systems, as well as on PCs running a suitable Amiga emulator such as Cloanto's officially licenced Amiga Forever package, or WinUAE.

For the PC gamers out there, we have also been busy negotiating and we can proudly announce that we have the RPGs Dink Smallwood and Shadowflare online free for all of you to download, the 3D platform game from CDV, "Santa Claus In Trouble", and the astronomy program, Distant Suns.

We are planning on adding more titles to the site shortly (with many being added on a daily basis), and we are approaching a large number of companies and authors to seek clearance for their work.

At the moment, we have software or clearance for titles appearing shortly from the following twelve developers and publishers:-

Apogee (PC)


Cloanto (Amiga)

Distant Suns (Amiga, PC)

Emurasoft (PC)

Llamasoft (Atari, BBC Model-B, Commodore 16, Commodore 64, Spectrum, Vic 20)

Mutation Software (Amiga)

Revolution Software (Amiga, Atari ST)

Robinson Technologies (PC)

Mark Sibly (Amiga)

Tuna Technologies (Amiga)

Vulcan Software (Amiga)

Many people remember these old classics fondly, and we wanted to bring these games and applications back to a new audience without the need for people to resort to piracy. All of these titles were deleted years ago, and they have now become rare items to source the originals. For many people, they are left with little choice but to scour auction sites online to find these classics, and even then there is no guarantee that they can find what they are looking for.

In addition to the commercial titles, we have produced a range of other software that we are making available freely on the site including a range of jigsaw puzzles and screensavers for the PC, and slideshows and disk magazines for the Amiga. All of these can be yours with a click of the mouse!

Companies - Get Your Games Online

If there are any publishers who have old titles that are no longer commercially viable, we'd love to be able to include them online legally for people to download and use. We are looking for titles across a range of formats - computers (8-bit and 16-bit) and games console ROM files, as long as we are given clearance to include them.

We are also interested in any shareware authors who would like their titles distributed to a wider audience online.

We will seriously consider including any files submitted to us, as long as they are original works.

About Infinite Frontiers

Infinite Frontiers was formed in 1989 as a sci-fi fan club. Since then, we have grown to include fanzine publishing, disk magazine production and other freeware titles on the Amiga, working on commercial Amiga products, running our extensive website, and running several events, conventions, and fan clubs including sci-fi and sports clubs.

The team all contribute on a voluntary basis and include many top writers, artists, and musicians, many of whom are professionals in their chosen fields.

About Infinite Frontiers Online

Infinite Frontiers Online was launched in June 2002 to compliment our existing work areas and to replace our old website. Since it's launch, we have 16 main sections of content ranging from gaming to sci-fi, wrestling to disability issues, music and much more. At present, there is well over 500Mb of files, articles, videos, downloads, music, artwork, games, and an interactive visitor forum spanning over 1,300 files!

We are also in the process of adding a music downloads section featuring new work from established and upcoming artists, both a streaming audio and downloadable files. We will be featuring these artists with band profiles, gig guides, reviews, interviews and much more. We hope that this section will be fully operational shortly.

Site Design

The design of the Infinite Frontiers Online site has been kept intentionally simple, and this is something we have been praised for by our visitors. It is our aim to make the site as accessible as possible, quick to load, easy on the eye, and compatible with as many browsers as possible across all formats. We believe that this site is one of the few on the internet with this level of content that will work on pretty much any web browser in use today.

The games, along with our other content, can be found at

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