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'F1 Challenge 99-02' - Screens

by Thomas on April 14, 2003 @ 8:09 a.m. PDT

F1 Challenge ‘99-‘02 is officially licenced by Formula One Administration and is the only F1 game to feature four complete seasons of racing action. That's 14 teams, 44 different vehicles, 34 drivers and 17 of the worlds most famous racing circuits configured as they were for each FORMULA ONE season from 1999-2002.


  • UNRIVALLED AUTHENTICITY - Cutting edge technology brings you the most accurate representation of F1 ever. High-resolution car models include details right down to the very last shut line. Circuits include real life structures, helicopters, aeroplanes, glorious real sky panoramas, animated grid girls, motion captured pit crews and even bumps in the track surface as they exist in reality.
  • PROFESSIONAL DRIVE MODEL - Advanced real-time vehicle modeling and force feedback, recreate the feel of driving a Formula One car as never before. Feel every bump and experience the adrenaline of life in the cockpit of an F1 car.
  • DAMAGE - Advanced physics modeling of brittle carbon fibre components, rigid bodies such as wings and the open wheel characteristics of F1 brings you unique and spectacular damage effects.
  • GET IN THE GAME - The glossy team themed user interface puts you in the game and tracks your performance as a real life driver competing against the likes of world champion drives such as Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher.

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