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'Primal' (PS2) Thursday Is Adopt A Gargoyle Day - Screens

by Thomas on April 15, 2003 @ 8:10 a.m. PDT

All over the UK, gargoyles have raised their grotesque visages to the skies and declared their desire to be adopted by kind families in time for Easter. Citing the hero of a new video game as their inspiration, the nation's gargoyles are pleading with the populace to take pity on their sad plight. Forsaken, destitute and vilified, these oft-misunderstood creatures feel that their true heroic natures are being overlooked as people fall foul of first impressions and adhere to the mistaken belief that ugly equals evil.

Scree, hero of new video game "Primal", pictured here with his sidekick, Jen. To make their case heard, the gargoyles action group (GAG) will be staging a series of demonstrations around London on Thursday 17th April and a GAG spokesperson comments: "If you see a gargoyle in the streets, please, be kind, take it home, introduce it to your friends and family and discover what a loyal chum a gargoyle can be. But, remember, a gargoyle is for life, not just for Easter."

Hero of new video game "Primal", Scree inspired GAG to take this stance and has committed his time and services to the cause. Scree is hoping to participate personally in the demonstrations on Thursday.

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