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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Activision
Developer: id Software
Release Date: Nov. 19, 2001 (US), Nov. 30, 2001 (EU)


Play For Profit With 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein'

by Thomas on April 30, 2003 @ 5:34 a.m. PDT

Set against the backdrop of WWII, Return to Castle Wolfenstein plunges players into a maelstrom of action, espionage and covert operations, as an American soldier tasked with infiltrating the heart of Nazi Germany and stopping the darkest plans of the Third Reich.

Gamers interested in participating in YouPlayGames' game competitions simply need to log onto the service Web site and follow the easy directions. All skill levels are welcome and have an opportunity to win. Players are encouraged to successfully complete missions in each class in order to move up the ranking system, which provides bonus earnings.

"YouPlayGames is thrilled to provide online gamers with the first opportunity ever to compete for profit with an incredibly successful licensed title," said Chris Grove, executive director of YouPlayGames. "For Return to Castle Wolfenstein's million plus fans, YouPlayGames adds an interesting new twist, delivering an arcade-like experience where fans pay to play. However, this time they get to leverage their well-honed playing skills for a chance to win money and prizes."

How YouPlayGames Works

YouPlayGames charges no entry fees to players. Instead, upon signing up for an account, everyone starts with a free life that is 100 percent intact. To win money, players must frag someone else. Specifically, every time a player frags an opponent, they receive a percentage of the life's cost. For example, if the life cost is $1 with an earn rate of 97 percent, then the player would receive 97 cents for the frag. Conversely, players lose money every time they are fragged, or if they leave the game in a damaged condition, they are charged the game's life cost. Life cost rates will vary from game to game. In addition, as players move up the ranks in the game, they become eligible for bonus earnings for each registered frag.

YouPlayGames is designed to ensure a fun, competitive and cheat-free gaming environment for all players. As a condition for participation, all players must have the latest version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein including Even Balance's PunkBuster(TM) Anti-Cheat software running on their computers in order to connect to YouPlayGames' servers. In addition, a team of game pros from YouPlayGames and Even Balance will monitor gameplay 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure that game rules are honored.

Participant's System Requirements

All participants must have their own PC copies of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which includes Even Balance's PunkBuster Anti-Cheat software, and their computer must be able to support an ActiveX component provided by YouPlayGames. Gameplay can be conducted using a dial-up modem or a high-speed bandwidth connection.

More information regarding YouPlayGames' rules and regulations is available at .

Now, buck up soldiers and get moving because in this situation -- time is money!

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