Sniper Elite

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Namco
Developer: Rebellion
Release Date: Oct. 27, 2005 (US), Sept. 30, 2005 (EU)


'Sniper Elite' (PC/PS2/Xb) - Developer Interview & Screens

by Thomas on May 21, 2003 @ 2:07 a.m. PDT

World War 2 is drawing to a close and the Russians and Germans are caught in a furious battle for a devastated Berlin. The cold war starts... As a sniper, recruited by the OSS (former CIA), it is the beginning of a lonely stealth mission in the Russian territory.

Q. Who is the developer of the game?

Rebellion in Oxford, UK. They have developed games such as Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf, Delta Force: Urban Warfare on the PlayStation 1, Aliens Vs. Predator on the PC etc. For more info, please visit:

Q. What is the genre of this game?

WWII sniper simulation featuring: infiltration, close-quarters action and sniping.

Q. What was the source of inspiration for the Sniper Elite concept?

The concept was developed in house at Wanadoo. Edouard Lussan, our publishing director, is completely crazy about History. He is notably fascinated by all the historical moments when the world geopolitical balance is on the move, and end of wars are a great example of them: the new powers are not yet stable and everything can happen. Furthermore, Edouard has spent twelve months in Berlin 15 years ago before the Wall collapsed, in the army together with the US and British forces, and he came back deeply sensitive to Berlin's history. He felt like reliving those days when Berlin was completely destroyed by the Allied bombs and the Russian artillery shelling, when the most powerful armies in the world were struggling to gain control over the city, would be of great interest.

Q. What is the storyline of the game?

Spring 1945: World War II is drawing to a close and the Russians and Germans are caught in a furious battle for Berlin. The player takes the role of a German sniper recruited by the OSS (former CIA) to carry out a series of missions of vital importance against SMERSH agents in what should be considered as the first battle of the Cold War.

Q. Who do you play in the game?

You play Peter Mauer, a German elite sniper recruited by the OSS in 1945 in Berlin to carry out missions in exchange for a US passport. His past life, skills and motivations makes him the best recruit for the OSS, only American presence in Berlin in April 45.

Q. What innovative features do you feel this game offers?

Sniper Elite will use the controls and mechanisms of an FPS, combining both first and third person views to create an atmosphere of realism and a unique gameplay experience, based on the following innovative features:

- A promising and previously ignored setting:
The game will take place in Spring 1945, a time of transition between World War II and the Cold War, in a devastated Berlin. The environment will be dynamic with non-linear maps and gameplay offering real freedom to the player.

- Emphasis on sniping in a dynamic hostile environment
Sniper Elite will portray the cunning, observation and tactics required by an elite sniper to reach a desired vantage point and make a critical shot, in a realistically dynamic hostile environment which often allows only a small window of opportunity. The combination of 1st and 3rd person modes will allow the player to experiences a range of interaction and Special Abilities that reflect the true behaviour of an elite sniper of the era.

Q. How many modes will be available?

There will be 3 different game modes:
- Single player campaign.
- 2 Player co-operative (Split screen).
- Multiplayer and online modes.

Q. How many missions will the game feature and could you give us an example of mission?

The single player mode will be mission based and will consists in 10 missions. They will all take place in Berlin and its nearby outskirts, in non linear maps that will offer extreme freedom to the player and great replay value .

A typical example of mission would be to prevent Russian agents from getting hold of high-tech nazi secrets.

Q. What kind of weapons will be available?

The player will mainly use: various sniper rifles, silenced pistol, grenade and knife. He will also be able to pick-up and use any additional weapons he finds or takes off enemies, for example: stick bombs, machine guns, pistol, not silenced, flame thrower or panzerfaust. However, the usefulness of these weapons for achieving mission objectives will be limited, so that the player really focuses on sniping and stealth.

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