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'Curse: The Eye of Isis' (PC/PS2/Xb) - Developer Interview

by Thomas on May 21, 2003 @ 5:01 a.m. PDT

Curse is an action horror game due to be released on PS2, PC and Xbox in October 2003... London, 1890.The Eyeof Isis, apriceless Egyptianstatue,disappears mysteriously from the MuseumofGreat Britain. It is rumoured thatanancient cursehas beencastonthestatue,and‘the Curse’will be unleashed upon whosoever darestolayafingeronit…there’snot a soulwho willescapescreaming insanityor ahideous and painful death. At the heartofVictorian England,Curse immerses youin aterrifying adventure full of suspense and action,which willhave you rubbing shoulders with the supernatural. Check some Q/A below!
1. Who is the developer of the game?
Asylum Entertainment, located in London.

2. What have the development team individually or as a team done before?
Games that individual team members have developed include Dungeon Keeper II [PC, PS2], Theme Park Inc [PC], FA Premier League Football Manager 1999-2001 [PC, PS1], TOCA World Touring Cars [PS1], Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: A Twitch in Time [PS1], Play with the Teletubbies [PS1].

3. What is the story of the game?
The background story revolves around an Egyptian artefact called the Eye of Isis, which is stolen from the Museum of Great Britain. Once removed from its display case, the statuette releases a curse which wreaks havoc wherever it goes. The player must determine what is going on and discover a way to end the destruction caused by the curse.

The story and dialogue are written by development team members and the original idea was developed by Simon Bailey, MD of Asylum Entertainment.

4. What kind of action scenes are on offer and will the player be fighting and avoiding lots of danger and obstacles?
The core game mechanic is to survive against the curse and hordes of enemies through combat using a variety of weapons. The main danger is the curse itself which can inflict damage to the player characters.

5. How would you describe the game and what is the closest comparison?
The game is best described as an action / horror game and the closest comparison would be Code Veronica.

6. What rating will the game have?
It should be 15+

7. How many locations are there?
There are 4 locations; the Museum of Great Britain, the Train Station, the Cargo Boat and the Pyramid.

8. What innovative features do you feel this game offers?
The innovative features are a sum of the intuitive control mode, cinematic camera system and core-gameplay mechanic of surviving against an ethereal curse entity that has the power to bring inanimate objects and dead characters back to life to attack the player characters.

9. Who do you play in the game and what attributes will he have?
You play alternatively with two characters: Darien, and Victoria. Darien is an American engineer, son of an Egyptologist who died some years before. His father's notes will be a great help throughout the game. Victoria is a young Egyptologist, with some uncontrolled powers of clairvoyance. As the story unfolds, Victoria proves herself to be a very different person to Darien. She has unique abilities that enable her to accomplish challenges that are simply beyond that of her companion. This manifests itself via items Victoria can collect which will enable her to channel her hidden energy
A third character will help you through the game to carry equipment, and share both inventories if needed: he is Abdul, your faithful Egyptian guide, who worked for Darien's father.

On the enemy side, you'll face three different kinds of enemies: the Egyptian cursed characters, such as mummies and cursed humans, the greedy and sinister art collector (who masterminded the theft of the statue) and his various henchmen, and finally objects that might suddenly be possessed by the Curse and become hostile.

10. What kind of weapons do players have at their disposal?
You'll find all weapons from the Victorian era, from the policeman truncheon to a gun, a rifle, but also some "top-level Victorian technology," such as a flamethrower, a Mortar gun, and some other surprises.

11. What kind of graphics engine is used?
The latest version of the RenderWare Graphics Renderer.

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