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PS2 Review - 'Winning Eleven 6'

by Hank on May 31, 2003 @ 12:07 a.m. PDT

Winning Eleven 6 is the precursor to Konami of Europe's Pro Evolution Soccer 2. Its unique blend of realistic movement and ball control and incredible visuals and sound have made it a firm favourite of football fans all over the globe. Finally arriving in the US, we decided to strap on the soccer shoes and kick some ball!

Genre: Sport
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Release Date: March 11, 2003

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With a team of eleven you must fight for #1. Fighting against several other powerful teams we strive for the best. Outmaneuvering and out smarting our opponents is key, with powerful teamwork we will be the Winning Eleven. This would be the well known game as football or better known here as soccer. A team of eleven aiming for the title of champion, this is the game Winning Eleven 6.

Once you pop in this game all you will be doing is going “Oh my gosh” there is way too many buttons to learn. This game is probably the only sports game with an incredibly high learning curve. If you’ve played soccer you can understand why. With so many different skills required to play soccer you will require so many different combinations in order to imitate these moves. Since there are so many I will only mention a few key moves: feint, through pass feint, through pass, one-two pass, loop shot, shot feint, and many more. The basic controls would be, L1 to switch players, R1 to sprint, R2 to feint and outmaneuver an opponent, triangle to do a through pass, circle to long pass and air pass, x short pass, and square to shoot. Mixing a combination of these buttons and you may achieve a different result.

After playing this game I believe I will never be able to turn to any other type of soccer game. The reason for this is because they take soccer realism to an entirely new level. Being able to head, bicycle kick, outmaneuver, through pass, feint shots, and many more. The game is so intense that you can’t just help and just start yelling when playing especially when you play with friends. When I play I just keep yelling “GO GO” damn it “GO, score damn you”, I just get so attached you wouldn’t understand. It’s even worse when we score we are so hyped and watch the replay of our beautiful shot. This game is great for either single or multiplayer play. I enjoy it very thoroughly playing against the computer and even more so with a fellow friend. When playing with another human player we try our best to work together and score. We would pass the ball around and try to outmaneuver the opposing opponent. Once we outmaneuver them I just go oh damn “You got burned.” The game just makes you feel you are on the field actually playing.

The modes for play would be: Match mode, League mode, Cup mode, Master League mode, Training mode, Edit mode, and game options. Match mode is an exhibition game where you can play against any other opposing team. You have two sets of teams you can choose from. They would be either in club mode or national league mode. The national teams would be teams from all over the world such as Brazil, Argentina, England, and such teams. Club teams would consist of the local teams. These teams use fake names the reason is because Konami does not have FIFA licensing rights. Even the names in the game are slightly altered.

Unlike match mode League mode you play against more then one opponent. You can choose how many opponents you play based on how long of a season. In cup mode is where I enjoy playing most. The reason for this is because you can unlock new teams and claim victory as the #1 team. You will receive an ending showing that your team has been granted champions and receive a cup showing you’ve gone all the way. Training mode would probably be one of the most important modes at the start of the game. This is where you can learn the advance moves in soccer mention above. You will understand how to score as well as move up the field faster and easier. But training isn’t the only way to learn the moves playing a few games and you will slowly pick it up. And last but not least is master mode, the hardest mode in the game. This is where you truly can test how good you really are, the teams you use are the club teams. They are slightly weaker then the national teams but if you are good this will be a piece of cake.

In Cup mode there are several cups to play. You have the international cup, European Cup, Africa Cup, America Cup, Asia Cup, and Konami-Umbro cup. Each cup only allows certain teams to participate; it is all based on location as well as the cup type. In the options you can configure which cup you want to join, see what type of competition type, set the group name, see the # of teams, set the # of players, Home & Away games, match time, difficulty, Injuries, Stadium Effects, Commentary Stance, and Support stance. You can set all these before you start the actual cup.

Probably the most impressive part of the game is the crazy amount of stats for each player. They would be Height, foot, Attack, Defense, Balance, Stamina, Speed, Acceleration, Response, Dribble Acc., Dribble Sp. S-Pass Acc., S-Pass Sp., L-Pass Acc., L-Pass Sp., Shot Acc. Power, Shot Tech. Header, Jump, Technique, Curving, Aggression, Mentality, Stability, FK Acc. Team work, and many more. With this many stats the realism is taken to another level.

The graphics in the game are quite impressive. There are a total of 11 different camera angles. Normal Short, Normal Intermediate, Normal long, wide, Broadcasting, Broadcasting 2, Broadcasting 3, Zoom Vertical short, Vertical intermediate, Vertical long. The different angles allow the player to choose which is suited best for you. The character designs are also quite nice. Even though they may not look crazily similar to the real life players but they fit well enough. The replays are also give the game another plus, with the different camera angles and at how beautiful your scoring shot was.

The sound in the game is quite simple and very fit for the game. When I say sound I mean sound there is no background music. The only sounds you will hear are from the commentator and the audience cheering your team or the other team on. The cheers are always biased depending on who they are cheering you will hear from the commentator when the audience is pissed about a call or when they are crazily cheering you on. Unlike FIFA commentator where you only have the option of only English you can actually play in Spanish. Yes you hear me correct you can hear the famous “GOOOOOAAAL!!!!!” As I said simple but perfectly fit for this game.

This is a game that I definitely recommend to all those soccer fans out there. The game is so sweet and so much fun to play. You can also get 8 players together, might be a little more complicated but great for multiplayer play. With the music, video, and the realism this game is on the top of my list for soccer games. Once you’ve turned to Winning Eleven you might not be able to turn to any other game. With a retail of $39.99 definitely pick it up I did and I’m so glad I did.


Score : 9.2 / 10

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