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Hercules Launches XPS X.100 Silver Series

by Thomas on May 6, 2003 @ 8:08 a.m. PDT

Hercules is pleased to announce the launch of its new XPS X.100 range of speakers, providing high-fidelity audio performance combined with an attractive high-tech design for a variety of multimedia uses. The first entry in the range will be XPS 2.100 Silver, the perfect 2.1-channel speaker kit for families and audio enthusiasts, followed by XPS 5.100 Silver, a 5.1-channel solution for a home theatre experience.

Space-saving satellites with powerful sound and a rugged design
XPS 2.100 Silver's lightweight satellite speakers demonstrate Hercules' commitment to providing the most advanced and practical technology for audio enthusiasts and family use.

With 12.5 Watts RMS of amplification apiece, these 2-way satellites feature 1" neodymium drivers, providing power equivalent to that supplied by conventional ferrite magnets three times larger for the ultimate in space-saving performance.

Each 120g satellite is held firmly upright by a 200g circular metal base 10cm in diameter, providing perfect balance to avoid accidents; the base can also be tilted for wall attachment. A cross over the drivers protects the vibrating membrane from contact with fingers, a useful feature in homes where children often use the family PC. A magnetic shield protects the PC monitor and storage media from any magnetic disturbances.

Powerful subwoofer and amplifier: user-friendly and reliable
XPS 2.100 Silver's integrated amplifier delivers 35 Watts RMS of power to the subwoofer and 12.5 Watts RMS for each of the satellites. The 4Kg subwoofer reproduces frequencies from 30 to 150Hz without wind noise, thanks to the large diameter of its bass reflex tube. For extra security, the subwoofer's driver is protected by a non-removable metal grid.

The kit's ergonomic remote control features an on/off switch and a blue LED for monitoring the power status. It also includes a stereo jack for connecting a headset, as well as volume, treble and bass controls. The power supply is conveniently located inside the subwoofer's casing, eliminating the bother and extra space required by an external power adapter.

XPS 2.100 Silver comes with two 1.5-metre audio cables: the first has a 3.5mm stereo jack on one end and dual RCA male connectors on the other for connecting the PC's sound card to the subwoofer, while the second has dual RCA male connectors on both ends for connecting the audio outputs of a TV/DVD/game console.

Hercules' XPS X.100 Silver series combines the versatility of PC speakers with audio playback usually associated with expensive hi-fi systems, thanks to its revolutionary neodymium drivers which allow for exceptionally slender satellite speakers without any compromise in sound quality.

Hercules XPS 2.100 will be available in May.

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