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Jester Set To Launch USB Sampler For 'Music 3000'

by Thomas on June 1, 2003 @ 1:34 a.m. PDT

Jester Interactive the developers and publishers of the critically acclaimed Music 3000 for Playstation 2 are set to launch a USB sampler and microphone to accompany the game.The sampler will enable user to take advantage of extra features the game has to offer. These include the ability to sample from your own music collection, the unique V2m (voice to music), and of course being able to add your own vocals!

The sampler will be available from a variety of retail and web stores, and will be a valuable purchase to users. It had been reported that the sampler would be included within the game packaging and has been designed to fit into the memory card hold on the DVD inlay. However due to factors beyond Jester's control it was not possible to do this.

The USB sampler will be released in June and will retail at around £19.99 meaning the combined total of the game and USB sampler and microphone will be under £50 due to the lower price of £29.99 for the game.

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