'Battlefield Command' - Q&A Session

by Thomas on June 14, 2003 @ 6:50 a.m. PDT

Andrew Wafer @ Codemasters collected a bunch of Battlefield Command forum questions, and answers from his man down in the External Studio. The layout is as follows. The questions are quoted from each person and then followed by the answer from Andrew Wafer.. Check them out below!

Q. T3rminat0r
- How long will MP Games usually be?
- How many Players will be able to play in MP?
- How long will MP games probably be?
- Maybe a MP-Save-Feature like in AOE2?
- (If possible to answer in this stage) Sys Requirements?

Andrew Wafer:
- The length of a multiplayer game will depend on many factors, and as with any versus style game it’s very difficult to say. If the opponents are evenly matched in skill it will often come down to how they have set the game up, e.g. The number of kills or points to win or which multiplayer mode they are playing.
- We are currently looking at up to eight players for multiplayer.
- A save feature for MP is a possibility.
- It is too early to give system requirements at the moment, but the game will be very scalable.

Q. Axle Vought - What will probably be the maximum (and minimum) map sizes in miles or kilometres involved in the retail game?

Andrew Wafer: The maps are huge, but the playable area is 1km square..

Q. Drunk Scotsman - Will BC be dominated by armour/guns or will it be balanced with soldier squads?.

Andrew Wafer: It will be balanced to be as realistic as possible, whilst still ensuring it’s fun to play.

Q. What commands are available to direct units? e.g. advance, march, defend etc or do you simply point and click for movement/attack

Andrew Wafer: You will be able to give soldiers complex commands on how to behave in certain situations, as well of course as all the obvious patrol, guard, and stealth commands.

Q. Can you place soldiers inside buildings, and if so, on upper floors?

Andrew Wafer: Yes and yes.

Q. Are individual maps linked together in any manner especially by an overall strategic map like in close combat?

Andrew Wafer: The maps in Battlefield Command are very accurately modelled on the real historical locations, and have been chosen to represent some of the most intense and dramatic battles of the European land war. Missions are played through in chronological order.

Q. DesertFox - How exactly will we be able to customize each unit?

Will we be able to select each soldier and choose their side arm, grenades, uniform etc.? within historical limits?

Andrew Wafer: The level of customisation varies from mission to mission depending on the historical scenario, but in many missions you will be able to set each player’s inventory before the game. You can also order units to pick up or drop weapons and objects that they find whilst on the battlefield.

Q. Does the camera rotate 360 degrees?

Andrew Wafer: Yes, it most certainly does.

Q. Is there a map editor?

Andrew Wafer: We have tools that we are developing, at the moment we don’t think that a polished map editor will be ready for the release of the game. This will probably be available to download post-release.

Q. How many can play Multiplayer on one server/map?

Andrew Wafer: Eight.

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