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'IGI 2: Covert Strike' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Thomas on June 20, 2003 @ 6:11 a.m. PDT

Codemaster has released a new upgrade for their stealth/action game IGI 2:Covert Strike. This upgrade will bring your retail game to v1.2 and increases framerates, improves synchronization of lifts and game timers, and fixes a few multiplayer bugs. There are also updated v1.2 dedicated servers for Win32 and Linux. Read more for details and download links!

Get the IGI2 v1.2 update patch off Worthplaying (12.5 Mb)

Get the IGI2 v1.2 Dedicated Server off Worthplaying (87.5 Mb)

The new upgrade for IGI 2 will update your game version to 1.2. There will be a noticeable difference in framerate on higher end systems as well as a number of bug fixes.

Extract the zip file to the C:program filescodemastersigi 2pc folder


  • Fixed proximity mine on spawn point server crash bug.
  • Fixed occasional weapon lockup when killed.
  • Smoother gameplay on systems capable of frame rates > 30 fps.
  • Fixed firing from automatic weapons when lying down.
  • Improved synchronization of lifts and game timers.

The file (the dedicated server pack) will enable you to set up dedicated IGI2 servers without requiring the original CD or CD Key. This is the promised dedicated server pack for those of you that wish to set up your own stand alone servers. There is a read me included with instructions on how to set up the server. Included is also the option to use Linux.

Extract this into a seperate folder from your IGI 2 folder, for example C:Program filesCodemastersdsp1.2

Instructions are included within the folder.

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