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'Club Football' - Peer Lawther Q&A

by Thomas on June 9, 2003 @ 10:30 a.m. PDT

Peer Lawther went to talk with Sion Lenton, the producer of the game, to see what he had envisioned for the game and where Club Football would be put in relation to the other football sims. Read more to check out the very brief interview ...

Q: How was style of the game originally seen? Did Codemasters want to go after FIFA and Pro-Evolution from the start?

A: We wanted to try and take the best of both games, the pick-up and play qualities of FIFA as well as its impressive theatre elements along with the depth and longevity offered by PES.

Q: And how do you think this has changed over the last two years since the first ideas for Club Football were put down on paper?

A: We are still sticking to the same plan; there are elements we feel we have bettered - crossing and set pieces for instance - but on the whole we have stayed true to our original brief.

Q: Any tidbits of gossip about the newest additions to the game you can tell us?

A: We are wrapping up a lot of work now ready for de-bugging and balancing, and there have been quite a few new animations going in which look really nice. It’s all about watching the transfer market now and trying to keep up with it!

Q: Will LMA/Club Football be available on the Gamecube?

A: We’ve got no plans for it at the moment. Apologies.

Q: Will Club Football (Club Soccer?) be released in America?

A: We’ve got no plans for it but you can never say never in football. Sorry, soccer.

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