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'Battlefield Vietnam' - v1.2 Dedicated Linux Server

by Judy on Oct. 6, 2004 @ 2:34 p.m. PDT

In anticipation of tomorrow's v1.2 update patch, EA has released an updated Win32 dedicated server for Digital Illusions' 3D action game Battlefield Vietnam. This release includes three new maps (Operation Cedar Falls, Saigon - 1968, and Fall of Saigon), support for the WWII Mod maps, new spectator options, a console enhancement, and some bug fixes (thanks 3DGamers). Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Battlefield Vietnam v1.2 Linux Server (165mb)

Battlefield Vietnam retail dedicated Linux server v1.2

Release notes: Battlefield Vietnam free dedicated Linux server version 1.01
Battlefield Vietnam is a registered trademark of Digital Illusions CE AB.
(c) 2004 Digital Illusions CE AB

Quick start

- Run the server installer and follow the instructions.

Please note that if you choose to install the server over an existing installation the existing installation directory will be removed!

$ sh bfv_linded-x.y.z.run

- Modify mods/bfv/settings/serversettings.con to your taste.

$ cd /path/to/installation/bfv
$ vi mods/bfv/settings/serversettings.con

- Modify mods/bfv/settings/maplist.con to your taste.

$ cd /path/to/installation/bfv
$ vi mods/bfv/settings/serversettings.con

Please see the information below to understand the new map list format.

- Run the server from within the top-level directory by typing
./start.sh [arguments] from a shell.

$ cd /path/to/installation/bfv
$ ./start.sh +statusMonitor 1

NOTE: The statusMonitor is now activated by default (because I'm a lazy sod). To revert back to the old behaviour, remove the offending line in serversettings.con

- If you are starting the server from a remote connection you will need to encapsulate it inside a "screen" session to let it stay behind when you log out from the shell.

Example (to start the server):
$ cd /path/to/installation/bfv
$ screen ./start.sh +statusMonitor 1
Now press Ctrl-A followed by Ctrl-D to detach the screen session, leaving it running in the background. You can now log out without affecting the server.

Example (to reconnect to the server status monitor):
$ screen -r

Please see the man page for screen to learn more about what it can do.

Revision history

Changes in this release:

1.2.0 conga line
- New Maps:
- Operation Cedar Falls
- Saigon - 1968
- Fall of Saigon
- Spectator Mode
game.ServerAllowSpectators <0|1>
0 - off
1 - on
game.ServerAllowSpectatorChat <0|1>
0 - off
1 - on
game.serverAllowSpectatorVoting <0|1>
0 - off
1 - on
game.serverSpectatorAllowSwitchTime 120
Minimum time (in seconds) a player is locked to the spectator team after switching.
- WW2Mod maps now included.
The ww2 maps are listed in mods/bfvietnam/settings/maplist.con, but are commented out. Remove the 'rem' to enable them.
- admin.enableConsoleInfoServer is now fixed, so that PunkBuster and
chat messages will be sent out to an active remote console, allowing third-party tools access to this information.
- various other fixes

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