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Various Game Trailers Available NOW

by Judy on Dec. 14, 2004 @ 4:55 p.m. PST

Another day, another batch of game trailers were released. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are trailers for :

  • Fired Up [PSP] - Trailer
  • Football [PSP] - Trailer
  • Formula One [PSP] - Trailer
  • MediEvil [PSP] - Trailer
  • Ridge Racer [PSP] - Trailer
  • The Settlers: Heritage of Kings - Trailer #5
  • Super Army War [GBA] - Trailer
  • Will of Steel - Trailers (2)

Get the Fired Up trailer off WP (7mb)

In an anarchic world of high-octane vehicles, big guns and bigger explosions, is a rag tag team of resistance fighters are about to strike back against a faceless aggressor. They're desperate for your help; but if being a collaborator in the rebellion isn't your thing, you can always go it alone, blow up your friends and experience genuine mayhem in multiplayer mode. So buckle in, prime the weapons and hit the gas. What's it to be? Smash and grab or crash and burn?

Get the Football trailer off WP (6mb)

Who knows where your next challenge will come from or who that challenger will be? With the power of WiFi compatibility and the User Alert System, FOOTBALL enables you to challenge complete strangers spontaneously. And with so many international and club teams to choose from and several cup competitions to enter, every day is a matchday!

Get the Formula One trailer off WP (7mb)

As the first FORMULA ONE product for PSP, FORMULA ONE includes all of the official licensed tracks, cars and drivers of the FIA FORMULA ONE World Championship. Download your own music collection from Memory Stick Duo, and access additional bonus content to make sure race days are never the same again!

Get the MediEval trailer off WP (7mb)

One hundred years have passed since the evil Sorcerer Zarok was defeated at the Battle of Gallowmere, heroically cut down by a mortally wounded Sir Daniel Fortesque. Or at least, that's what the people were told; in fact poor Sir Dan was a bit of a coward, falling in the very first wave of arrows. Now Zarok has returned, turning day into night, and raising an undead army to conquer the land. As a side effect Dan has also been resurrected... now, he has the chance to defeat Zarok and in death become the hero he never was in life.

Get the Ridge Racer trailer off WP (7mb)

Featuring the best loved race courses from arcade classic Rave Racer and the entire Ridge Racer series, 24 circuits of breakneck speed and exhilaration stand between you and racing glory. Beat the clock in Time Attack Mode or test your racing skills against up to 8 players in WiFi compatible Wireless Battle Mode.

Get The Settlers: Heritage of Kings trailer off WP (16mb)

The latest Settlers game takes the franchise and pushes it to the next level. Fans will enjoy fully animated 3D technology and enhanced gameplay features, but still be able to relive the experience that makes the Settlers series such a big hit. The game will take the player to a medieval setting, to re-conquer the kingdom currently under the domination of an evil tyrant.

Get the Super Army War trailer off WP (11mb)

War has erupted and the President has issued the order: engage the enemy! America needs a pilot brave enough to fly across enemy lines, strike the enemy at its heart, and defend our advancing ground troops. Do you have what it takes?

Get the Will of Steel trailers off WP (38/39mb)

In the beginning of December of 1992, Operation Restore Hope started with the US Marines’ naval deployment off the coast of Somalia. The mission was to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Somalia and to restore order to the country torn by violence. In the months following the Operation, the escalation of tribal and clan conflicts across Somalia provoked the US forces' fierce reaction...

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