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PS2 Preview - 'WWX: Rumble Roses'

by The Cookie Snatcher on June 30, 2004 @ 1:43 a.m. PDT

Starring the sexiest female models ever to grace the ring, Rumble Roses - the first and only all-female wrestling game - is a sexy grappler set to deliver intense girl-on-girl wrestling action with jaw-dropping graphic detail. Each of these vicious vixens comes with an arsenal of moves, as well as a little jiggle in all the right places, that will knock gamers off their feet.

Genre: Wrestling
Publisher: Konami
Developer: KCET
Release Date: November 16, 2004

Aside from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Rumble Roses was pretty much the most marketed game in Konami’s booth at this year’s e3. Rumble Roses was preceded only by Snake Eater in Konami’s dozen+ minute e3 2004 lineup video. Rumble Roses’ makeshift wrestling ring which actually housed real-life rumble roses (often times in compromising positions as passerby ogled and snapped hi-def digital pictures) came in second only to Snake Eater’s well-hidden camo-themed game-pod setups. I guess I’m trying to apologize on some strange level that this is not a preview Snake Eater – and in the same breath attempting to justify it by convincing you that Rumble Roses is the next best thing. Why I preoccupy myself with such things as seeking the approval of readers who probably just want clear and concise information on Rumble Roses to begin with is anyone’s guess. That’s just who I am.

I didn’t actually get to play Snake Eater at e3. That’s another reason uhh for not previewing the game. But I did get some wicked footage of this hot chick playing the game, under the preconception that I was interested in filming ‘the game’. Haven’t reviewed the tape yet (nearly two months after the fact), but I’m confident it was time well spent.

You’re probably asking yourself right about now ‘why is Carlos going off about Snake Eater, and what does a hot chick have to do with –‘ ahhh, and now I see you are beginning to understand my reference, which will now be used as a flawless transition to talk about the sex appeal of Konami’s (and the world’s) first ever all female wrestling game Rumble Roses. A game I spent hours playing at the show and incidentally ended up (IMHO) mastering.

The first thing you notice about Rumble Roses is its sexy female wrasslers, wrasslin’ it up. The second thing is the realistic ‘jiggle’ physics in all the right parts of said female wrasslers. Then you notice the sexy ladies again. After that you notice the jiggle. This goes on for about 10 minutes before whether the game is actually fun to play comes into question. So I picked up the DualShock and proceeded to find out.

Guess what. It is… That is, it is fun to play. The gameplay is even better than Yuke’s (who is partnering with Konami for the game) previous wrestling games. The grapples are frenetic and consistently result in explosive, impressive, painful looking payloads. Punches and kicks connect with the opponent in a powerful and satisfying fashion. And the finishing humiliation moves look excruciating and perversely sexy. My proclivity for female wrestling aside, Rumble Roses comes correct in terms of gameplay.

Konami also enlisted the modeling expertise of Polygon Magic’s VSL Team to construct the liquid smooth animation found in the game. Essentially this collaboration has given Rumble Roses an almost unprecedented (lest we forget DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball) level of visual flair and fluidity. The female wrestlers move with the grace and poise of a ballerina and the style and nimbleness of Neo (at least in the super detailed pre-fight sequences).

These things I’m telling you – about the gameplay and graphics and stuff – are all true, and henceforth should not be questioned (either by email or telepathic modulation … you know who you are), but there is one aspect of the game I’m still not quite clear on. That is the alleged ability to change your wrestler’s personality based on your playing style.

Apparently, by choosing to fight dirty your character’s persona will be influenced (on multiple levels) to reflect your character’s badass ‘tude. Same goes with fighting fair. Aside from an appropriate change of demeanor, your sexy combatant will also be endowed with a new (skimpier) costume and, surprisingly, new move sets. Whether these lofty claims will come to flush fruition with the expectations they are propagating (obviously) remains to be seen, at least until the title’s release on the PS2 this November.

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