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Xpand Rally

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Developer: Techland

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'Xpand Rally' - Demo Coming!

by Judy on July 23, 2004 @ 8:22 a.m. PDT

Besides the normal rally (time attacks) and head-to-head (with collisions) races, the version will also feature the Free Style mode allowing for competition on the whole terrain with no restrictions to one set up track.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting main car's subsystems it will be possible to tune the car for track's conditions as well as for one's own preferences. Additionally the demo will allow for hosting players' own servers - both Internet and LAN.

The full version of Xpand Rally will also offer a comprehensive career mode with over 70 races and more than 700 tuning parts for the cars. It will also feature a Single Race mode. The players will be given 35 racing cars divided into 8 groups. Photorealistic graphics of the tracks placed on 5 varied landscapes, fully dynamic and interactive surrounding of the tracks, realistic car damage model and driver's injuries, finally a set of editing tools allowing for creating players' own tracks - all are main game's features.

Techland has today confirmed that the release date of the title set to September 24, 2004, has not been changed.

For detailed information about the game and discussion on the forum visit

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