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Platform(s): PC, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Enlight
Developer: Mercury Steam
Release Date: Feb. 28, 2005 (US), March 18, 2005 (EU)

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'Scrapland' (Xbox/PC) - Screens

by Judy on July 8, 2004 @ 1:40 a.m. PDT

Scrapland features a huge variety of characters and spaceships that players can use and built the way they wants. A funny storyline of intriguing plot twists, very bad guys and incredible high-speed air combat in single and multiplayer modes accompany an open-ended game design.

The game is structured in missions whose objectives are always “doing things”, instead of “finding out how to do them”. That is, the player will never wonder what to do, which object he needs or which character he has to transform into to accomplish a mission; The game itself provides that information constantly and clearly. Fun and challenge lie in what happens and how the system reacts when the player does what he is asked to, when he uses the object he needs or when he transforms into the precise character.

The player has total freedom of movements most of the game time –it is a little restricted at the beginning for tutorial reasons-. In Scrapland, one can freely wander round all levels/maps, interact with all characters, drive all ships and combine, with no restriction, the main mission with any other thing the player feels like doing. The possible casuistry is huge, thanks to which the game world is perceived as living, realistic and unpredictable.

SCRAPLAND’s multiplayer offers a kind of gameplay based in combat and speed, with the same ships the player can built in single player. Individually or by tem, LAN or internet, SCRAPLAND establishes a new standard in high-competitive multiplayer games.

Features :

  • Open-ended gameplay set in a unique and novel science fiction 3D world.
  • A compelling, intriguing storyline accurately integrated into an emergent -from start to finish- gameplay.
  • Rich and alive Gameworld
  • Realistic physics engine
  • Immersive 3D environment. Huge outdoor locations and really explorable highly detailed indoor places.
  • Sophisticated AI. Interact with dozens of unforgettable bizarre characters with their own behaviours toward the player and toward the othe NPCs
  • Thrilling combats to death with the most powerful combination of devastating weapons in the most exciting and challenging 3D action seen to date.
  • Supercompetitive, original and spectacular races with extreme gunships the player can build to his taste
  • Intuitive, simple and powerful control system both with gamepad and joystick or mouse+keyboard.
  • The up to 140 main missions provide an almost unlimited number of hours of vaired and fast-paced gameplay.
  • Turn yourself into fifteen different characters, take on their identity and acquire their special abilities.
  • Multiplayer capabilities. Fight alone or join a team, with gunships built and optimized by yourself. Via LAN or Internet.

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