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'Evil Genius' - Demo Available NOW

by Judy on Aug. 30, 2004 @ 10:26 a.m. PDT

As promised, Vivendi has released the demo for Evil Genius giving you a chance to try out Elixir's strategy game and plot for World Domination. The demo features a tutorial after which you can build out a small base, and build some of the advanced minion types, such as the machine-gun toting mercenary, and then ready your turf for an all-out assault (thanks GameSpot). Read more for download links ...

Get the Evil Genius Demo off WP (195mb)

1. Configuration
1.1 Minimum Configuration
1.2 Recommended Configuration
1.3 Tested Graphics Cards

2. Installation
2.1 Installing Evil Genius: Demo
2.2 Uninstalling Evil Genius: Demo

3. Troubleshooting
3.1 Launching Problems
3.2 General Problems
3.3 Problems with DirectX
3.4 Known Issues
3.5 Display problems

4. Contacts and websites

5. Legal Information

1. Configuration
1.1 Minimum configuration:
Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP
Pentium® III 800 MHz or higher
DirectX® 9.0b
128 MB RAM - Windows® 98SE/Me, 256 MB RAM – Windows® 2000/XP
GeForce™2 MX 16MB or equivalent DirectX® 9 compatible video card
300 MB (approx.) free hard drive space (additional space required for Windows®
swap-file and DirectX® 9.0b installation)
16x CD-ROM drive
DirectX® 9.0b Compatible Sound Card
MS compatible mouse
1.2 Recommended configuration:
-- Pentium® 4 1.5 GHz
DirectX® 9.0b
256 MB of RAM
NVIDIA® GeForce™ 3 or equivalent with 64 MB RAM
300MB free hard drive space (additional space required for Windows® swap-file
and DirectX® 9.0b installation)
24x CD-ROM drive
DirectX® 9.0b Compatible Sound Card
MS compatible mouse (with wheel)

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows® 98 (Second Edition), Windows® Me, Windows® XP or Windows® 2000

Not Supported:
Windows® 95 and previous versions.
Directx®9.0a and previous versions.

Evil Genius: Demo only supports AGP cards (i.e. min spec: 16MB AGP 3D Video
We do not support integrated 16 Meg 3D Video Cards.
1.3 Tested Graphics Cards:
-- Radeon 9800(Pro)/9700(Pro)/9600(Pro)/9500(Pro)/7000
Geforce FX 6800/5950(Ultra)/5900/5800/5700(Ultra)/5600(Ultra)
Geforce 4 Ti 4200
Geforce 3 Ti 200
Geforce 2 Ultra/GTS Pro/Go
Geforce 128
NVidia Quadro
Intel Extreme Graphics 2

2. Installation
2.1. Installation
-- To install the Demo, follow these instructions:
1) Double-click on the "Evil Genius Demo.exe" file.
2) The installation programme will guide you through the different
installation and Setup stages.
3) Once the game is installed, launch Evil Genius: Demo from the Start Menu.
2.2. Uninstallation
-- To uninstall Evil Genius: Demo, follow this simple step:
Select Uninstall Evil Genius: Demo from the Start menu.

*A Note on Hard Drive Space

300MB free hard drive space (additional space required for Windows swap-file
and DirectX 9.0b installation)

In addition to the installed demo, Windows will require additional
Free hard drive space for its operating system (virtual memory).

If you encounter an error along these lines:

"Your system is low on virtual memory"

Free up some more hard drive space.

WARNING!! - It is strongly recommended that you close all applications
Before installing Evil Genius: Demo.

3. Troubleshooting
3.1 Launching problems
If you have a problem while launching the game, verify the following points:
> DirectX version (see chapters 3.2 and 3.3 of this ReadMe)
> Graphic drivers version (see chapter 3.4 and 3.5 of this ReadMe)

Common problems include
> "d3d9.dll missing" : you do not have DirectX9.0b or later installed.

> "Unable to execute file:
C:Program FilesVUGamesEvil Genius
CreateProcess failed; code 1157.
One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found." :
Also indicates that you do not have DirectX® 9.0b or later installed.

3.2 General problems
> Close all opened application to play with Evil Genius: Demo so that the game
can benefit from all of your computer's potential.

> Some configuration with antivirus software may also encounter different
problems such as: screen freezing, slowing down and too long loading. The best
solution is to deactivate your antivirus. It will work again as soon as you
restart your PC.

> To increase the performance of Evil Genius: Demo we suggest reducing the
graphics parameters (especially Reflections and Resolution).
To modify them, click on "Options" in the main menu. Clicking on "Custom"
inside the "Graphics Options" will allow you to alter individual graphics
settings. The game will run more smoothly on lowest configurations.

3.3 DirectX Problems
First, verify that DirectX 9.0b version (or superior) is installed on your
computer. If it is not the case, you can encounter problems launching or
playing Evil Genius: Demo.

To verify your DirectX version, go in the menu "StartRun", enter "Dxdiag" in
the text window.
Once the information window is opened, click on the "system" tab and you'll see
the DirectX version that is installed on your computer.

3.4 Known Issues
Description: "ATI Radeon 7200 HW T&L is not available due to graphical
Solution: None.

Description: "ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility Projected shadows are disabled due to
Solution: None.

Description: "GeForce4 Ti4400 Geometry corruption, graphical elements flicker
Solution: This is experienced on certain NVidia cards running driver version
56.64. Upgrade to the latest drivers to fix this problem.

Description: "Pressing ALT+ESC while in full screen mode will cause Evil Genius
to minimize"
Solution: You can restore the game by clicking on the Evil Genius task bar icon

Description: "Pressing CTRL+ESC while in full screen mode will cause Evil
Genius to minimize"
Solution: You can restore the game by clicking on the Evil Genius task bar

3.5 Display problems
If you have display problems, verify your graphic drivers version. Old drivers
(not optimised for the latest DirectX versions) can create some display or
launching problems with the game. It may be necessary to update your hardware
drivers before playing, be sure you have administration rights on your
operating system.

Warning, some drivers are not compatible with the constructors' chipsets.

You'll find below the list of the main graphic cards constructors websites:

Matrox -
Kyro (Hercules 4000 & 4500):
3Dlabs -
Aztech Labs -
Canopus -
Gateway 2000 -
Guillemot -
Hercules (voir Guillemot) -
I/O Magic -
Jaton -
Leadtek -
VIA Technologies -

If you don't know the name and the type of your graphic card, go in the DirectX
diagnosis tool ("StartRun" enter "Dxdiag" and click on Ok), and go in the
"display" tab. You'll find there the name of your card and its constructor.

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