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'PlayStation 2' Gets Slimmer Look - Screens

by Judy on Sept. 21, 2004 @ 12:23 a.m. PDT

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today its plans for the global release of a new, redesigned PS2 in time for the year-end peak-selling season. The new model will be in stores on November 3 in Japan, and by November 1 in Europe and North America.

While inheriting the basic functions and design philosophy of the current PlayStation 2, the internal design architecture of the new model has been completely overhauled, resulting in a slimmer and more lightweight form. Internal volume has been reduced by 75 percent, overall weight has been halved, and thickness trimmed down to 2.8 cm (thickness of current model is 7.8 cm). Its size is almost as small as a hardcover book, making it easier to carry around and enjoy games and DVD videos anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with an integrated Ethernet port for network gaming, the new PlayStation 2 sets new standards in the fusion of design and functionality and will enable the company to maintain market momentum as it expands its online console gaming community, the largest in North America with more than 1.4 million users. Approximately 40 percent of North American PlayStation 2 online gamers use dial-up connections and to satisfy this base, the North American model is equipped with both Ethernet and modem ports.

During the year-end peak-selling season about 80 online game titles are expected to be available in Japan, with 120 titles and 65 titles respectively in North America and Europe. With the launch of the new network-ready PlayStation 2, the company expects to continually expand the world of online gaming in this generation.

"The introduction of the new PlayStation 2 is part of our long-term vision for the platform," said Jack Tretton, executive vice president, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "We are pleased to bring the sleek, redesigned product to market in time for the holiday season, and expect consumer enthusiasm for the new model to translate into robust sales. As the market leader, with an existing installed base of more than 27 million PlayStation 2 units in North America alone, we will continue to provide solutions that expand our consumer base and grow the category as a whole."

Gaining an overwhelming support from a wide range of users from all over the world, more than 72 million units of PlayStation 2 have been shipped as of today. Strongly supported by software developers and publishers, PlayStation 2 is indisputably the most popular computer entertainment system and the new design will position it for even greater success over the next half of its life.

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