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Will Of Steel

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: GMX / Tri Synergy

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'Will of Steel' - Screens

by Judy on Sept. 29, 2004 @ 10:03 p.m. PDT

Will of Steel is a modern warfare tactical 3D RTS with some elements of RPG.

The player is assigned one battalion that he/she can command. The battalion is composed of the following platoons:

  • infantry
  • battle tanks
  • APC2
  • recon
  • anti-aircraft

The player has the option to view all the units within the battalion as well as the military equipment that the units possess.

The player must make wise military choices and decide how to adjust his/her actions to counteract the strategy employed by the enemy forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Throughout the game, the player also strives to improve his/her career. By winning medals and being promoted, various special options are revealed that he/she can use in battle. Special options include:

  • Air transport
  • Artillery support
  • Air strike
  • Close air support
  • Satellite reconnaissance
  • Long range missile attack
  • Reinforcement
  • Special operations team

In the Will of Steel game there are day and night missions as well as various climate conditions.

Voice Control

In this game, the player has full control of all assigned units, camera, and special options such as: Air Attack, Transport, Special Teams etc, The player orders unit movements, issues voice commands, chooses tactics, groups units, and can even choose the types of weapons and stances that the units take. These possibilities will allow the more skilled players to play the game and lead their troops exactly the way they desire while the less skilled players will also be able to manage units while using simpler commands and options.

Voice commands, mouse pad, and keyboard are the three controllers that the player uses throughout the game. It is possible to use all three input devices at the same time. It is also possible to play the game almost entirely by voice. The mouse pad can be used to select units and groups of units, to point to the places where commands should be executed, and to select options from one of the menus. Keyboard allows for a quick and convenient way (shortcut) for various commands to be executed.

Special focus is given to voice control because it has never been used in RTS games before. Voice control should help the player to control his/her units much more easily and effectively than by just using the keyboard and mouse pad. Besides that, voice control has the purpose of simulating natural verbal communication between officers and their units. This will add to the realism and will make the player feel as if he was a real-life military commander.

Voice control can be used to select units and groups of units (by calling up their names or using the real military phonetics), to issue all available commands and to select any of the special options. Also the camera can be controlled by voice (movement and zooming). The player has the option to turnon (and off) the names and permitted commands displayed above all available units, so that voice commands can be issued more easily without having to memorize all the names and possible commands.

Game Story

In the beginning of December of 1992, Operation Restore Hope started with the US Marines’ naval deployment off the coast of Somalia. The mission was to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Somalia and to restore order to the country torn by violence.

In the months following the Operation, the escalation of tribal and clan conflicts across Somalia provoked the US forces' fierce reaction...

As a young Marine officer, William Steel, the son of the highly decorated USMC General Thomas Steel, you will be thrown into your first combat experience while leading your men in and out of battles. The lessons and theory from the Naval Academy will be tested in the hell of war. Your decisions will make the difference between life and death, saving and losing hundreds of lives...

Eventually, your fight against global terrorism will take you to far lands, from the rigged mountains of Afghanistan, to the vast and blazing deserts of Iraq. On the path that lies ahead, there shall be pain and suffering. The only thing that will keep you going is is your father’s legacy. His old combat diary becomes your guardian angel. It will lead you down the right path while empowering you with your late fathers wisdom and his legacy of being one of the true great warriors of his time.


  • Modern warfare 3D real-time strategy
  • The player takes over as the commander of the USMC battalion through campaign episodes in Afghanistan 2001 and Iraq 2003
  • The commander and his soldiers can move up the ranks, get promoted and win medals throughout the game
  • High reality gameplay and believable battlefield environments
  • Stunning vertex and pixel shader FX (bump and environment mapping, dynamic lighting and shadows, etc.)
  • High quality and exceptionally detailed objects for 3D RTS games
  • Voice control with natural language support
  • Night and day missions with realistic weather conditions (sand storms, fog, rain, snow etc.)
  • Over one hundred different types of player controllable military units
    and weapon systems plus 100 non-controllable units
  • No resource gathering and building. All action!

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