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'Vietcong: Purple Haze' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens

by Judy on Sept. 3, 2004 @ 2:09 p.m. PDT

'Vietcong: Purple Haze' is a cinematic narrative-based First Person Shooter (FPS) set during the Vietnam Conflict. Players of VIETCONG experience the war from the perspective of a soldier assigned to join a squad of U.S. Special Forces running reconnaissance missions deep into the jungles of Northern Vietnam.


  • Utilizing any means necessary, players of VIETCONG patrol various tactical regions gathering intelligence, calling in air strikes or ambushing enemy patrols.
  • Fight for honor and freedom in a 19 mission single player campaign, featuring 17 of the best from the PC version and 2 new missions unique to consoles!
  • Start a quick fight and jump straight into the action! Play either as a US or Vietcong soldier, choose a weapon, map, number of enemies and difficulty then battle the clock for the best time.
  • Strike from the shadows choosing from more than 30 unlockable weapons including an M16, M79 grenade launcher, Mosin-Nagent, Sten MKII and the M60.
  • Throw a grenade or utilize handheld attacks with a knife!
  • Stay alert or your next step could trigger a trip wire, spring a Punji whip trap or drop down into a spiked pit.
  • Authentic 1960s soundtrack including music from Iggy and the Stooges, Deep Purple, the Standells and more…
  • Xbox version supports up to 10 players on Xbox Live in 9 multiplayer levels as well as Content Download for supplying new maps and game modifications to keep fans satisfied!
  • 19 of the original missions have been optimized for the console with more enemies and intense combat specifically designed for the console gameplay.

In addition, two new missions have been created specifically for the console versions from PC multiplayer gameplay levels

  • Thunder Creek From Fist Alpha
  • Operation Pandora's Box From Fist Alpha
  • Death Valley From Fist Alpha
  • Field Guns Battery From Fist Alpha
  • Insertion From Vietcong
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail From Vietcong
  • Hunting Charlie From Vietcong
  • False Alarm From Vietcong
  • The Bridge From Vietcong
  • Outpost From Vietcong
  • Halong Port New Level
  • Storm New Level
  • Seize the hill part 1 From Vietcong
  • Seize the hill part 2 From Vietcong
  • Po Tlong Karai From Vietcong
  • Stream From Vietcong
  • They're coming From Vietcong
  • Too many targets From Vietcong
  • The last stand From Vietcong

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