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Water in Fire 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Loockar
Developer: Loockar

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'Water in Fire 2' - Screens & Demo

by Judy on Feb. 1, 2005 @ 3:12 a.m. PST

Hundreds of aircrafts with deadly arsenals on board are spinning around under your head and seem to have only one mission - bomb you back to the Stone Age. Don't give up! Resist! Shield yourself from the barrage of deadly gunfire and shoot them all down to win.

Get the Water in Fire 2 demo off WP (5mb)

Water in Fire 2 is a new electrifying shooter that allows you to control a battleship, aircraft, tank or a naval base and battle your way through 256 levels. You will be able to take part in different missions from assisting allied airforce destroy enemies to guiding the armed battleship through enemy waters to destroy hostile armed forces. The enemy has over 70 different types of aircrafts and over 50 types of weapons such as bombs, missiles, and torpedoes. So, watch out or they will blow you up.

Water in Fire 2 features lively music and groundbreaking graphics that complement a dynamic war gameplay. According to Bob Mandel, "If what you crave is nonstop military combat, then you can't do better than Water in Fire 2. Your jaw will drop when you witness the frenzied pace of the action."

Below are some of the most significant Water in Fire 2 features:

  • Highly-addictive gameplay with over 200 levels of high-speed action;
  • Four game modes including Aircraft, Tank, Battleship and Naval Base;
  • Four difficulty levels;
  • 54 types of weapons;
  • Mind-throbbing music plus clear graphics and visual effects such alpha-blended, fancy particles effects and full antialiasing;
  • Many cool bonuses such as Upgrade, Friendly Forces, Laser Cannon, etc.

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