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'Singles 2: Triple Trouble' Gets Release Date - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 14, 2005 @ 8:56 a.m. PST

Arh .. Love is in the air. 2004 was a mixed year for relationships. Peter and Jordan found love in the rain forest, Jude and Sadie went their separate ways, Sven got caught in scandal and Deep Silver launched its controversial PC title Singles: Flirt Up Your Life. Launching May 2005, the Singles get their first sequel in the form of Singles 2: Triple Trouble, involving players in a brand new episode of the Singles lives.

Romantic comedy Singles 2: Triple Trouble involves three young singles who share an apartment in the city. Having had a rough year, the player moves into their new apartment, little knowing that an ex of theirs is currently living there. Could it get any worse? With no where else to go, they have to make the best of a bad situation. Is the fire of love really dead, or can the embers be rekindled? Would they want them too, when the new flat mate is a stunner? How can they put on the charms, without getting a grilling from the ex?

Singles 2: Triple Trouble offers players a whole host of new relationship possibilities to manage, along with the everyday necessities of going to work, maintaining a 'happy home' and equipping their flat with the latest furniture and mod-cons. Using a stunning new 3D engine, SINGLES can be dressed in a whole range of different outfits, express themselves in even more realistic and recognisable ways and explore beyond their apartment to new locations, where they can meet other characters for friendship, romance, possibly more?

Developed by Rotobee and exclusively published by Deep Silver, Singles 2: Triple Trouble launches May 2005 and is exclusively distributed by KOCH MEDIA in UK, Germany and Italy.


  • A rousing story that involves the player in a romantic and erotic comedy
  • Three main characters (the player, his/her ex and their fellow tenant), two secondary characters and a few minor characters
  • Play as a male or female main character; the story develops throughout 15 quests
  • More ways to interact than before; invite friends and have a party
  • New locations, the bar - a meeting place for lonely hearts
  • Lots of new and improved features ensuring longer and greater enjoyment
  • Erotic, sensual and sexy - but not full of sex
  • A game for a mass market
  • The modern 3D engine supports DirectX 9 effects and shaders, atmospheric lighting and realistic light and shadows

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