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Enlight Brings 'TrackMania Sunrise' To North America - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 8, 2005 @ 11:33 a.m. PST

Enlight announced today that TrackMania Sunrise will be available in North America in June 2005. Developed by Nadeo, TrackMania Sunrise offers gorgeous environments, competitive multiplayer race modes, and insane customizable tracks with off-the-hook jumps, loops, and tight corners.

"'TrackMania Sunrise' brings a brand new twist to driving along the orange glow of the California coast," said Trevor Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Enlight. "With spectacular graphics, lightning-fast action, and a fully integrated track editor, gamers can race their cars around 360 degree hoops, launch off a half-pipe, and cross the finish line with flying colors."

"TrackMania Sunrise" is a high-octane, free wheeling racing game that builds on the original classic. Aspiring racers can construct completely original race courses and bring their cars and tracks online to trade and compete. With amazing speed, creative multiplayer race modes, and easily accessible track editor, "TrackMania Sunrise" allows even a student driver to create and distribute outrageous tracks, providing hours of endless enjoyment.

"TrackMania Sunrise" features :

  • 3 new sports cars that burn up the highway at a breath-taking speeds in gorgeous new environments off the Pacific Coast
  • Two new solo racing modes, Platform and Crazy
  • Peer-to-peer network community that allows players to exchange thoughts, comments, tracks, and skins
  • Totally customized racing environments, including sunrise, day, sunset and night

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