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MLB 2006

Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Genre: Sports
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: 989 Sports

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'MLB 2006' (PS2) Slugs its Way to Stores

by Judy on March 8, 2005 @ 8:04 a.m. PST

MLB 2006 features numerous gameplay enhancements, such as the all-new Branch Point Technology (BPT), which provides seamless fielding transitions and smooth base running; an all-new Fielding Zone that brings together a players attributes with the a gamer’s skill level in order to make the play; an all-new Pitcher Confidence Marker, which helps determine a gamer’s ability to hit spots in the strike zone; a deeper Franchise Mode; and an all-new Career Mode. With returning gameplay favorites, including EyeToy functionality; online playability through; and Voice Recognition, MLB 2006 promises to provide gamers with a true-to-life experience from the diamond.

Officially licensed by Major League Baseball Properties (MLBP), Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), MLB 2006 provides an unmatched broadcast presentation that brings together intense gameplay, fluid action, cut scenes, animations and sound to provide an engrossing authentic baseball simulation. The all-new Release Point Pitching with Pitcher Confidence Meter shows the true battle between pitcher and batter. A pitcher's high confidence allows the pitcher to paint the corners from the mound, while frequent mistakes will make it harder to hit the spots over home plate. Additionally,

MLB 2006 incorporates the all-new PlayMaker Fielding that provides better fielding interaction by combining player attributes with a gamer's skill level to make the play.

Popular gameplay features return with MLB 2006, such as EyeToy(TM) functionality. Gamers can literally see themselves in the game as they battle against the Major League's best. Using the EyeToy USB camera for PlayStation®2 (sold separately), gamers can take a snapshot of themselves, put their face into the game and truly become a major leaguer. Additional returning gameplay favorites include enhanced Branch Point Technology (BPT) for seamless fielding transitions and smooth base running, and online playability with voice chat capabilities using the USB Headset for PlayStation®2 (sold separately).

Known for its extensive list of game modes, MLB 2006 continues to build upon the success of the franchise with enhanced authenticity. A new, deeper Franchise Mode includes an all-new Player Morale System that tracks player morale on every level and applies it to the player's day-to-day performance. From player scouting, player deals, television contracts and promo-nights, to the prices of parking, tickets and concessions, the new, deeper Franchise Mode puts the success or failure of a club on the decisions of gamers who think they can run the show.

For the diehard baseball fans, the new Career Mode lets gamers play from the player's perspective and control their own destiny from the start to the finish of their career, based on their on-field performance. Having the ability to interact with the manager and teammates in Career Mode allows gamers to raise concerns about playing time, trades, negotiate a higher salary or even provide a tell-all interview with the media.

"MLB 2006 illustrates our commitment to delivering the most authentic baseball experience to baseball fans and gamers alike," said Scott Rohde, director of product development, 989 Sports. "By presenting gamers with the finer details and nuances of the game, MLB 2006 provides an opportunity to look and feel what it's like to play in the show."

This year, Vladimir Guerrero, the 2004 American League MVP, joins the 989 Sports® Team as the MLB 2006 cover athlete. A top defensive playmaker and premier offensive threat, the Angels outfielder will team up with a host of other top MLB stars to promote the popular baseball title, including Oakland A's third baseman Eric Chavez, Arizona Diamondbacks third baseman Troy Glaus, Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Shawn Green, and Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Dunn, all of whom will continue in their roles as contributors, consultants, and spokespersons.

Marketing efforts for MLB 2006 include a multi-million dollar marketing campaign across TV, radio, print and online, that will run nationally throughout the entire baseball season. Additionally, MLB 2006 will receive full public relations and promotional support, as well as dedicated point-of-purchase displays and merchandising support.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates MLB 2006 "E" for "Everyone."

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