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City of Villains

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: NCSoft
Developer: Cryptic Studios

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Europeans Get 'City Of Villains' Beta Priority

by Judy on March 8, 2005 @ 11:07 a.m. PST

City of Villains is an expansion to NCsoft's MMORPG City of Heroes, set in the Rogue Isles, a treacherous region not far from Paragon City. Players can now build their criminal empires and spread their own reign of terror.

For the slightly later starters, everyone who signs up for a European City of Heroes account during the rest of March (March 5th-31st), and who have pre-paid or have been subscribed to the game for at least six months by the time Beta starts will receive the next level of priority consideration for the beta testing program. A high character level in City of Heroes is not necessarily an advantage in the selection process.

"It makes sense for us to offer this incentive to our most dedicated players. Who else would be more capable of assisting us in the beta test than the folks most familiar with the way City of Heroes works?" says Jack Emmert, lead designer on City of Heroes. "The bottom line is that if you subscribe to the game and play regularly you have a better chance of getting a first look at City of Villains."

"Our players aren't really evil, but judging by the demand, they definitely want to play evil - and soon," says Stephen Reid, Content and Community Manager, NCsoft Europe. "We've tried to ensure that early access to City of Villains is granted in a fair and logical way."

City of Villains will provide players with a chance to play the "bad guy" in the comic-book inspired world created by Cryptic Studios. Take on the role of super-powered villains and create your own character using thousands of power and costume options. Then battle heroes and become a true menace to society while plotting your way to world domination.

More information on both City of Villains and City of Heroes is available at the official European web site.

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