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October 2023

Prey 2006

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
Developer: Human Head Studios
Release Date: July 11, 2006 (US), July 14, 2006 (EU)

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'Prey' - SDK Available NOW

by Judy on Oct. 12, 2006 @ 6:14 p.m. PDT

Prey tells the story of Tommy, a Cherokee garage mechanic stuck on a reservation going nowhere. His life changes when an otherworldly crisis forces him to awaken spiritual powers from his long-forgotten birthright. Abducted along with his people to a menacing mothership orbiting Earth, he sets out to save himself and his girlfriend and eventually his planet.

Get the Prey SDK off WP (4mb)

Please see EULA.Development Kit.rtf for permissions and legal information.

Thanks for downloading the Prey SDK. Included is all of the code necessary for building a gamex86.dll. I have not included Maya binaries or sample assets, because the ones used in the Doom3 SDK can also be used for Prey reference (in fact, our md5mesh/md5anim formats are completely unchanged). The Doom3 SDK can currently be found here:

Some examples and information on how you can activate your mod in Prey are included in the ./examples folder.

As for the actual code, there are a few things to mention. I made some last-minute changes to clean up some warnings (things that came up after separating out the game code), and to get everything building under MSVC++ 2005 Express Edition. Those changes are marked with //HH rww SDK, but those should be the only differences between this code and the pure 1.02 code. The included solution and project files are for .NET 2005. The code base should still compile in .NET 2003, if you really want to re-make the solution and project files under it. It should also adapt to various free compiler distributions with a makefile and a little effort. I've had it compiling with Intel's C++ compiler before as well. Also, you should note that the memory log build will require some code modifications to build, so you will probably want to start off just using Debug or Release (always use Release for builds that you intend to distribute).

It's important to note that the code base will compile in the free Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. This means you don't have to buy an expensive copy of .NET 2005 just to get cracking on some Prey mods. You can download MSVC++ 2005 EE right here:

Just follow the instructions there and get the Platform SDK installed and set up as well, and you will be able to load the Prey solution file and compile with no modifications at all. You have to register with Microsoft to use the product for more than 30 days, but registration is also free and done by e-mail.

The game code itself has a few "pitfalls". It was thought, initially, that using hhX versions of classes (inheriting from idX) would make merges less complicated, as the game code was still being written alongside id's during a period when Doom3 was also far from finished. While it may have made merging easier (in a way), it didn't turn out so well in the long-run. We now have a lot of arbitrary and bad inheritance, and huge mounds of code that never make it to binary. We could critisize many areas of the code, but, hopefully, you will still be able to find your way around and get started on some awesome new mods. :)

Other than that, the code should be relatively easy and straightforward to dive into. Just load up the solution, select a build configuration (you'll probably want Release to test), and compile away. Remember to check out the Doom3 section of idDevNet as well:

Many of the same methods and concepts still apply to Prey, so you will no doubt find it to be a useful resource. Additionally, be sure to make use of the Prey Mods & Editing forum over at the 3D Realms forums:

I will be keeping an eye on them, so if you have any modding questions for me or the other Heads, feel free to direct them there.

Good luck,
Rich Whitehouse
Human Head Studios, Inc.

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