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Post-E3 Insider Impressions

by Matt Mefford on July 10, 2006 @ 12:54 a.m. PDT

Now that the E3 aftermath has finally subsided, we asked some unconventional exhibitors about their experiences. What did they see, what did they like or dislike, and what did they take away from the event? Read on to find out ...

"With the new hardware platforms and hot new game titles at this year's E3, it was an amazing show. As a peripheral manufacturer, we are pleased to see that the controller is playing a more important part in the gaming experience. It is exciting to see new technologies being implemented in interesting and interactive new ways. With these new technologies and games, gaming will continue to evolve to include all generations."

– Pamela McCracken, Public Relations

"As a first time developer in a really heavily-trafficked area (the West Hall lobby), E3 was intense. We were debuting Alliance: The Silent War, and I thought I might get a minute or two of downtime to check out the rest of the show, but no such luck! It obviously isn't for the faint of heart, and I'll be sure to pack the most comfortable shoes I have next time!"

– Asi Lang, President
Windward Mark Interactive

"The gaming industry has exciting opportunities for everyone, but too often they become a dream and fade away. For an example, online distribution is nowhere near retail! Everyone's talking about it, but it does not work, at least not yet. Also, to me it seems like the gaming PR lost a bit of creativity. We need to think outside of the box to catch an average customer's attention in 2006."

–Lidia Maltseva, PR Manager
Play Ten Interactive

"E3 2006 was a little odd. There was lots of fun stuff to talk about and be excited for, but I felt that there really weren't three to five staggering new games that completely broke the mold of what we had seen before and innovated beyond our imagination. That being said, I am psyched for the Wii and the PS3 and was really impressed by the Xbox 360's new stuff. I'm looking forward to sitting down with games like Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Crysis, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and since I'm a sucker for superheroes, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Justice League Heroes. In the end, when I reviewed the individual showings for Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and PC, all of my scores hovered around an 8.0. Really, really good, just not mind blowingly great."

– Victor Lucas, Executive Producer
The Electric Playground / Reviews on the Run / The Art of Play

"This year was all about the playable title. Last year, we saw so many prototypes and 'conceptual' games that it was great to sit down and actually get to play the games. We got to learn what we were all going to complain about, and what we were going to love, in about six months' time."

– Morgan Webb, Co-Host
G4's series, "X-Play"

"Next-generation consoles are so eagerly anticipated, one has to wonder how much better they are than the PC. I'm not saying they're worse and do not like to compare them. Each platform has its own weaknesses and benefits, but on the PC, we have different game genres and business models, and on consoles, many of them are just appearing. I may sound out of line, but up until now, the PC was the ultimate gaming platform. Xbox 360 is somewhat better, because it can offer HDTV and other cool things. PS3 has a spirit of adventure, and this is what appeals to us Russians. As to the Big N, they're going slowly but surely, which can be wise in these troubled times. My only wish is that they all should fight with each other less because this is becoming strange to watch."

– Dmitri Kruglov, CEO
Play Ten Interactive

"Now having a little more distance from this year's E3, I still think it was one of the most exciting expos I can remember, both in the quality of the games and the drama of the industry. The reversal of fortune for both Nintendo and Sony still stands out the most for me. Nintendo winning over the multitude of skeptics by proving that the Wii is an exceptionally fun way to play and demonstrating a host of good games to go along with it. Sony taking everyone aback with a lackluster press conference and games that fell significantly short of the mock-ups that wowed everyone the prior year, and then saying the PS3 is going to cost $600. Also, as opposed to last year, there were really good games to see and play, which almost makes the insufferable drought of this summer endurable. As far as next year, just give me more games so I can yammer about them over and over."

– Adam Sessler, Co-Host
G4's series, "X-Play"

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