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August 2018

Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby In 8-Bit Land

Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games (EU), D3Publisher of America (US)
Developer: WayForward
Release Date: Oct. 29, 2013 (US), Fall 2013 (EU)

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After spending several years doing QA for games, I took the next logical step: critiquing them. Even though the Xbox One is my preferred weapon of choice, I'll play and review just about any game from any genre on any system.


3DS Preview - 'Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land'

by Brian Dumlao on Aug. 21, 2013 @ 1:30 a.m. PDT

Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby In 8-Bit Land brings the characters and humor from the animated comedy to 3DS where best friends Mordecai and Rigby and their adventures as groundskeepers of the local park.
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