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OnLive Closing Game Service, Sony Acquiring Technology

by Adam Pavlacka on April 2, 2015 @ 4:10 p.m. PDT

By distilling specialized game hardware out of the equation, OnLive will allow games to be played as a pure media experience on virtually any device, with the same flexibility and instant-play experience that we’ve come to expect from online video and music.

The service will terminate on April 30, 2015 as Sony has acquired key parts of the technology (presumably to integrate into its own game streaming service, PlayStation Now).

According to OnLive, “No refunds will be available for any game purchases, hardware purchases, or subscriptions.”

After five years of uninterrupted service, the OnLive Game Service will be coming to an end. Sony is acquiring important parts of OnLive, and their plans don’t include a continuation of the game service in its current form. Your service should continue uninterrupted until April 30, 2015. No further subscription fees will be charged, and you can continue to play all of your games until that date.

As the first-ever game streaming service of its kind, everyone who has ever played a game using OnLive has contributed to the technology and its evolution in some way. We’re immensely proud of what’s been achieved and extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for being a part of the OnLive Game Service. For more information, please see our FAQ section.

Thank you from all of us at OL2, Inc. (aka, OnLive)

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