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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Developer: Avalanche Software
Release Date: Aug. 30, 2015


Xbox One Review - 'Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition' Judy Hopps Figure

by Adam Pavlacka on March 18, 2016 @ 12:30 a.m. PDT

Disney Infinity 3.0 allows players to experience original adventures in some of their favorite Disney and Pixar worlds, and to build their own using the power of their imagination.

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"Zootopia" has been a resounding success for Disney, so it's no surprise to see Zootopia figures for Disney Infinity 3.0. Leading the charge is Judy Hopps, the little bunny that could, and the star of the "Zootopia" film.

Judy Hopps makes the transition from film to figure quite nicely, with the physical figure looking like it walked right off the screen. Just like her film counterpart, Judy Hopps is a shorter figure, measuring around 2.5 inches from the base to the top of her head. Her ears add nearly an extra inch to the total figure height. Because she's an animal figure, Judy Hopps doesn't have the hard lines that are common to the stylized human look in Disney Infinity 3.0. Instead, she has rounded edges, much like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The figure is modeled in Judy Hopps' Zootopia PD costume, which is also her default costume in-game. Comparing the figure to the costume used in the film makes it obvious that the toy designers were going for accuracy as much as possible. Many little details are included on the figure, from the utility belt to the correct placement of the badge and even the fact that Judy Hopps doesn't wear full shoes. Even the ridges on her forearm guards are present, though they aren't painted on the figure, likely to to the extra cost for such a small detail.

Really, the only bit that the Judy Hopps figure misses is the dark patches of fur on the tips of her ears. Instead, there is a gradual shading running down the length of the ear. It's not a major design flaw, but considering all the other details the toy designers got right, it's a surprise they missed this one.

The in-game model of Judy Hopps matches the detail of her figure and looks right at home in the game world. Just like her movie character, the Disney Infinity 3.0 version of Judy Hopps is extremely maneuverable. She can traverse the environment easily, thanks to a solid jumping ability and a fast dash. The dash can be used in mid-air to land extra-long jumps, but its real use is during combat.

Judy Hopps can use the dash move to quickly close the distance with an opponent, attack, and then dash back out. She is very much an opportunistic fighter, using movement speed to compensate for lack of raw power. Her animations reflect this fact, smoothly flowing from one post to another. Her ears even bend in reaction to movement if you change direction quickly.

Your primary attack as Judy Hopps looks a lot like the bicycle kick used by Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat franchise. While not as bloody as the fighting game, her attack is just as effective, dealing damage and knocking back opponents. For her special move, Judy Hopps shoots her tranquilizer gun, which immediately puts the target to sleep. This can be useful for a direct attack as well as crowd control, allowing you to temporarily knock out one opponent while you focus on another.

Because there is not a Zootopia playset for Disney Infinity 3.0, the only place you can use Judy Hopps is in the Toy Box. However, the Disney team has released an official Judy Hopps Toy Box level that you can download for free. Called Judy Hopps: Cop on the Case, the level is a short story that occurs after the events of the "Zootopia" film. Just like in the movie, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde have to work together to solve a mystery. Cop on the Case has you playing out events from Judy Hopps' point of view, while a companion level, designed for the Nick Wilde figure, has you playing out the same events from his point of view.

Although the level isn't going to compete with a proper play set, it is an enjoyable side story for fans of the film. It also does a good job of letting you try out all of Judy Hopps' moves, and in that regard, it's a great way to learn the character. Unfortunately, the current version of the level has a spawning bug after one of the cut scenes, so it starts you outside the actual level. You can make your way back in with some carefully timed jumps, but it isn't supposed to be that way.

Whether you're a fan of "Zootopia" or Judy Hopps in particular, it's hard to go wrong with this figure. The physical figure looks great by itself and wouldn't be out of place on a desk or shelf. The in-game character is charming but also quite playable.

Score: 8.5/10

Editor's Note: Check out the figure in more detail in this unboxing video, which focuses on the physical toy.

Unboxing video:

Character Demo video:

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