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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Casual
Developer: N-Dream


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Editorial - 'What is AirConsole?'

by Liam Craig on Aug. 23, 2018 @ 12:15 a.m. PDT

AirConsole is a cloud-based virtual gaming platform that brings friends and family together for same-room multiplayer enjoyment anywhere, anytime by using a web-enabled device and smartphones as controllers.

While Microsoft and Sony are still only fanning the flames of rumor for their plans of a cloud-only future, AirConsole from N-Dream AG, is already available and making same-room couch-cooperative (and competitive) gaming a reality — and they're doing it for free.

AirConsole functions by using devices you likely already have. There's no need for new hardware, as it uses your mobile devices (iOS and Android) as "controllers" and a PC or laptop as the "console." If you're looking for a bigger viewing experience, you can connect your PC/laptop to your TV via cable or Google Chromecast. Also, if you have Android TV hardware, you can use that as the console.

Once you've got your devices in place, setup is a snap. You head to the AirConsole website on the PC and launch the AirConsole. It gives you a code that you enter on the mobile devices, so they can connect to your new cloud-console. On mobile devices, you can either connect via the device's web browser or use the Android/iOS-specific AirConsole app. Once the mobile devices are connected, you use them as you would a traditional game controller to select games to play and, well, play them.

AirConsole offers over 100 games for free, and most are very lightweight, which means they are very quick to download so you can start playing. Most won't take more than a minute or two to stream, and then you're all set as you and your friends fire up a variety of games. What types of games are on the service? There's karaoke, racing, soccer and much more.

There's no need for an account or to pay to play the base system, but you can subscribe for around $3 per month. The subscription unlocks some premium titles, along with the ability to host up to 10 players in multiplayer. The free option only allows for two players, but that's often more than enough, and, if you're having a solo night at home, there are single-player games available.

Overall, AirConsole offers a nice, lightweight and easy-to-use system for playing games without an expensive console. It's really handy when traveling and you feel like firing up some in-hotel gaming with friends. Since AirConsole doesn't need a high-end PC or super fat broadband pipe, you can easily play from most hotel Wi-Fi setups.

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