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Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: Nov. 10, 2020


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'Assassin's Creed Valhalla' v1.5.0 Title Update Adds New Skills, Difficulty Mode And More, Dawn Of Ragnarök Tease - Trailer

by Adam Pavlacka on Feb. 23, 2022 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

Assassin's Creed Valhalla throws players axe-first into ninth-century England, an age of warring kingdoms and Viking conquest. Wars will rage. Kingdoms will fall. This is the age of the Vikings.

Playable as female or male, Eivor leads a clan of Norse people across the icy North Sea to flee Norway’s endless war and dwindling resources. If they hope to survive, they’ll have to build a new home in the hostile lands of England. There, you’ll provide for yourself and your people by constructing, customizing, and upgrading your settlement with new buildings like barracks, blacksmiths, and tattoo parlors, all while recruiting new members to grow your clan.

England in the age of the Vikings is a fractured nation of petty lords and warring kingdoms. Beneath the chaos lies a rich and untamed land waiting for a new conqueror. Will it be you?

Sail across the icy North Sea to discover and conquer the broken kingdoms of England. Immerse yourself in activities like hunting, fishing, dice, and drinking games, or engage in traditional Norse competitions like flyting – or, as it's better known, verbally devastating rivals through the art of the Viking rap battle.

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, nearly every decision you make will have lasting effects throughout the world. Violence won’t be your only tactic for getting what you want; a silver tongue can be as effective as a steel sword when it comes to finding a home for your people. Shifting England’s balance of power and expanding your influence through diplomacy will likely make you more friends than brute force. Every political alliance you build, combat strategy you employ, and dialogue choice you make will alter your journey.

You wouldn’t be a Viking raider without raids, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla lets you lead surprise longship attacks to pillage enemy territories for much-needed resources, or launch massive assaults against rival Saxon strongholds. Raids will be more action-packed and brutal than anything Assassin’s Creed has seen before, thanks to a visceral new combat system that lets you bash, dismember, and decapitate your foes. Eivor will be able to dual-wield axes, swords, and even shields against the greatest variety of enemy types ever seen in Assassin’s Creed. And if you want to mix it up, the return of the Hidden Blade allows Eivor to assassinate targets with deadly precision.

As we approach the March 10, 2022 launch date for the Dawn of Ragnarök expansion, a handful of early changes have made their way to the base game thanks to title update 1.5.0 that went live on February 22.

The first time you load a save game after applying title update 1.5.0, you are given a vision of Ragnarök. Additionally, six new skills (along with minor upgrades) have been added to Eivor’s skill tree. These skills are available for all players to use. You don’t need to purchase Dawn of Ragnarök to access them.

Way of the Bear:

  • Single-Hand Defense - When at full Health and with your Off-Hand free, the first successful enemy attack deals no damage to you and knocks them back.
  • Heal on Kill - Killing an enemy restores some Health if you are at low Health and have no Rations.

Way of the Wolf:

  • Combat Dive - You’re immune to all damage while performing a roll.
  • Cunning Shot - Performing an Alternate Shot with any kind of Bow will award some Adrenaline.

Way of the Raven:

  • Single-Hand Versatility - Within seconds of an Ability ending, and with your Off-Hand free, using another Ability from the opposition Ability Wheel will not cost any Adrenaline.
  • Riposte - With your Off-Hand free, hitting an enemy immediately after a successful Parry deals Critical damage.

The constellations with these skills appear the first time you enter the skills menu after applying title update 1.5.0. You can access the new skills by applying unused skill points. If you don’t have any spare skill points, you can free some up by removing them from other slots on Eivor’s skill tree.

Another major update is the addition of a new Saga (Story) difficulty mode. A step below easy, Saga mode allows players to focus on the story, without having to worry about the challenges of combat. Enemies won’t scale with your level in Saga and the window for stealth attacks is much larger. Perfect for casual players who just want to enjoy the adventure.

The full release notes for title update 1.5.0:

Patch Sizes:

  • Xbox Series X|S: ~12.27 GB
  • Xbox One: ~9.84 GB
  • PlayStation®5: ~3.60 GB
  • PlayStation®4: ~7.94 GB
  • PC: ~15.09 GB

Added support for the new expansion Dawn of Ragnarök, available on March 10.

  • New players can start the expansion at any time from the main menu with player boost. You will start your journey at Power Level 340 with a predefined selection of gear and weapons.
  • New Divine Quality for gear and weapons.
    • 3 new tiers of upgrade
    • A new special rune slot
  • Expand your progression with 4 new abilities and 6 new skills.
  • Unlock new weapons and armor sets.



  • AI reaction to whistle improved.
  • Players get detected by enemies when using environmental traps.
  • Wild animals detecting Eivor regardless of distance/angle and alerting nearby NPCs.
  • NPCs disengaging from conflicts extremely quickly.
  • Enemy detection cones reducing when using a bow.
  • Monks having difficulty to leave the music crowd stations in the quest Taken (Kidnap Estrid).


  • Added a Saga Difficulty Mode: Write your own Viking Saga without having to worry about the challenges of stealth and combat.
    • Combat: Enemies inflict less damage and don't scale with players.
    • Stealth: More time allowed to perform actions when being detected (assassinating, shooting, disengaging, etc.).
  • Added new combat settings.
    • Damage Eivor Takes
    • Eivor Damage Output
    • Ration Healing Ratio
    • Adrenaline Regeneration 
    • Enemy Health Modifier
  • Added support for more controllers on PC (Nintendo Switch Pro & Stadia).


  • Eivor gets teleported randomly in some instances.
  • Headshots are blocked by the NPC's shield when shooting from behind while undetected.
  • Players can remain stuck in any Boss fight if Dive of the Valkyries is used as last hit while having the Night Rogue Set equipped.
  • PC players losing all input after pressing the ; key on their keyboard.
  • Light Fingered skill not activating when dodging through a lootable body.
  • Cannot defeat the Black Shuck Alpha Animal as the end QTE is not appearing.
  • Enemy's attacks become weaker if Combat Difficulty value was set to Custom.
  • Unable to use the fishing line.
  • Unable to use rations.
  • Several option changes made from the pause menu were not applied.
  • Hero stats not updated correctly upon equipping the Arenhare'ko:wa Gear Set.
  • Feign death ability not working properly when used on specific terrain or objects.
  • Eivor's bow disappearing when using the Goule Breath.
  • Mouse and keyboard icons remain visible despite adding a controller.
  • Wrath of the Druids: Enemies in Dublin and Meath territories do not scale with Eivor's Power Level after changing Level scaling options.
  • The Siege of Paris: Keyboard input being displayed while using a controller in some instances.


  • Dag is not present near the longhouse making it impossible to complete A Brewing Storm.
  • Cannot progress The Prodigal Prince as the assassination prompts are not showing up during the training sequence.
  • Cannot collect the Offchurch Key during the Tilting the Balance quest.
  • Cannot assassinate Gorm in Hunter of Beasts.
  • Missing quest marker in Closing the Vault after following Ljufvina.
  • Unable to complete The Forge and the Flame quest as a cutscene would not be triggered.
  • Unable to complete Pilgrimage to St. Albanes as players cannot interact with Fulke.
  • Unable to kill the Pict Chief during the quest Old Friends.
  • Unable to proceed in Road to Hamartia as Beonton the dog is stuck.
  • Unable to interact with Ivarr during King Killer.
  • Unable to complete A Feast to Remember after defeating Suttungr.
  • Unable to proceed in Abbots Gambit with the objective Find Fulke and Sigurd.
  • Unable to complete This Son of Jorvik as Faravid does not get on his horse.
  • Old Wounds cannot be completed as Rollo is stuck outside his camp.
  • Guards are stuck in the brothel in Old Wounds.
  • Cannot complete King of Shitsby World Event due to NPC spawning outside of the church.
  • Deviled Water world event cannot be completed as NPC is stuck in the river.
  • Haunting of Neist Point and The Drink of the Picts world events cannot be completed if a meditation is performed during the Dialogue Scene.
  • The NPC does not show up in the camp in the World Event The Twit Saga Part 2.
  • The Siege of Paris: Siegfried does not move in Warlord of Melun.
  • Wrath of the Druids: Barid and Ciara will not go to the coronation for Flann over Ireland.


  • A Fated Encounter does not update upon completing A Wise Friend and building Valka's Hut.
  • The Temple could be opened by throwing a fire pot at the door in What Dream May Come.
  • What Dreams May Come quest does not update after exploring the Cave of Gold if the objective is reached after entering a conflict state.
  • Enemy villagers can be found again at the light puzzle in the Cave of Gold after completing What Dreams May Come.
  • Two of the five shards remain marked on the map upon collecting them in Counting Sheep.
  • Kassandra's voice does not match in a segment of the Dialogue Scene in Night and Day.


  1. Extensive loading times when transitioning from River Raids to the Ravensthorpe.


  • Unable to progress in A Challenge From the Gods after the first cutscene.
  • Enemies are not highlighted when using Odin Sight in Odin Mine Hideout.
  • Goliath NPC can throw the boar outside of the arena making it impossible to complete the Outpost Fight Challenge.
  • NPC fall to their death in Lolingestone bandit camp.


  • Platforms descending before the push/pull object is on them.
  • Carriable snaps in Eivor's hands if thrown behind the spike wall in Swamp tomb.
  • Various issues where Eivor would remain stuck in a free fall animation and/or get desynchronized.


  • Wrong gameplay options present in the Discovery Tour: Viking Age menu.
  • Online Service Error (0x20100302) when viewing photos on world map.
  • Assassination cutscenes are still playing when activating Photo Mode.
  • Horses can photobomb dialogues scenes.
  • Achievements / Trophies are not unlocking after playing AC Crossover stories when sharing progression on multiple platforms.


  • Meteorites not being spawned in England.
  • Store items disappearing from the inventory or not being visible on Eivor.
  • Smoke Bombs not exploding when returned to the enemy with the missile reversal skill.
  • Instances of misplaced or floating objects or textures.
  • Numerous clipping issues.
  • Numerous graphics, texture, animation, or lighting issues.
  • Various issues with missing SFX.
  • Numerous Menu Narration issues.


  • Numerous UI/HUD issues.
Added various improvements to the Codex menu.

Key Features:

  • Lead Epic Raids: Lead your people in massive assaults against Saxon armies and fortresses, and expand your influence far beyond your settlement’s borders. Command a crew of raiders and launch lightning-fast surprise attacks from your longship to claim your enemies’ riches for your clan.
  • Visceral Combat: Unleash the ruthless fighting style of a Viking warrior and dual-wield axes, swords, or even shields against fierce, relentless foes. Choose your tactics and dismember opponents in close-quarters combat, riddle them with arrows, or assassinate them with your hidden blade.
  • Write Your Viking Saga: The advanced RPG mechanics of Assassin's Creed Valhalla give you new ways to grow as a warrior and a leader. Influence the world around you while acquiring new skills and gear to suit your playstyle. Blaze your own path across England by fighting brutal battles and leading fiery raids, or form strategic alliances and triumph by your wits. Every choice you make in combat and conversation is another step on the path to greatness.
  • Grow Your Settlement: Grow and customize your own settlement by recruiting new clan members and building upgradable structures. Get better troops by constructing a barracks, improve your weapons at the blacksmith, discover new customization options with a tattoo parlor, and much more.
  • Share Your Custom Raider: Create and customize your own mercenary Vikings to share online, and reap the spoils when they fight alongside your friends in their own sagas. Recruit mercenaries created by other players, and add their strength to your forces.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia and PC (Epic Games Store and Uplay).

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