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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Jollypunch Games

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'RoboDunk' Roguelite Unveiled, Will Support Local Multiplayer - Screens & Trailer

by Judy on June 12, 2021 @ 12:12 p.m. PDT

RoboDunk is a roguelite arcade sports game with toy robots dunking and blowing up stuff.

Developed by Jollypunch, Robodunk is a roguelite arcade sports game with toy robots dunking and blowing up stuff. Think of it as NBA Jam meets Rogue Legacy — with robots.

This is a combat dunkball game with sky-high dunks, satisfying tackles and explosive weapons. There's a roguelite campaign where every match is different, and you can buy the next permanent upgrade even if you die.

"I love games like Mario Strikers; it's so satisfying to feel the hits in your hands, but they can get repetitive, especially if you don't have friends over," says Gabriele Libera, aka Jollypunch. "I want to make an arcade sports combat game that feels that good, but also has a lot of variety and progression, whether you play by yourself or with other people."

Key Features:

  • Every Match is Different: Choose your path among randomized matches with unique rewards, rules, traps and opponents.
  • Tons to Unlock: Massive skill tree and many robots to discover with their own upgrade tree.
  • Grow Your Team: Your bots level up, gain new skills and stat boosts after every victory.
  • Collect the Lore: Piece together info on the gods and why dunk is the meaning of life.
  • Single-player and Full Co-op: A friend can drop in/out whenever you want.
  • Massive Dunks: Charge a max power jump, leap from mid-field and press just at the right time to explode the hoop.
  • Powerful Weapons: Ram the enemy or shoot them with unique weapons, from classic lasers to falling pans and shock rings.
  • New Mods Each Round: Choose temporary skills and upgrades that change the game at every round: double-jumps, shocking passes, ammo multipliers and more.
  • Stage Hazards: Avoid or exploit stage dangers like spiky rollers, tornados, jump pads and meteors.
  • Local Multiplayer for 1-4 people.

RoboDunk is coming to PC (Steam) and consoles.

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