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June 2021

Garden Story

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Rose City Games
Developer: Picogram
Release Date: Summer 2021

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'Garden Story' Revealed for Switch and PC, Coming This Summer - Features, Screens & Trailer

by Judy on June 10, 2021 @ 8:29 p.m. PDT

In Garden Story, unify a community as the newly appointed Guardian of The Grove, a young grape named Concord. Traverse a vibrant island to combat invasive Rot, inspire its inhabitants, and rebuild your home.

Unify a broken community as the newly appointed Guardian of The Grove, a young grape named Concord. Traverse a vibrant island to combat invasive Rot, inspire its inhabitants, and rebuild your home.

You won't have to do this alone: fruity friends await, ready to lend a hand! Help the delightful denizens of Spring Hamlet, Autumn Town, Winter Glade, and Summer Bar each day. Roots blocking a path?

Oozes preventing townsfolk from crossing the bridge? Granny Smith needs more branches? Whatever the task, Concord's the grape for the job!

Experiment with multi-purpose tools to gather resources, grow gardens, and fight the Rot. Wield the Pick to either harvest twigs, sap and pebbles needed for upgrades, or as a tiny sword for combat. Glide across frozen terrain on ice skates. Fish with the dowsing rod to pull shells out of the waters of Summer Bar, or remove armor from enemies. Take out Concord's toolbox to build structures like Benches to pass the time, or Pacifying Bells to temporarily turn foes into friends. Master each tool so Concord can conquer dungeons and battle breathtaking bosses.

Key Features:

  • Explore a lush, living world: Immerse yourself in The Grove's vibrant, organic ecosystem with four distinct (and adorable!) regions to enjoy.
  • Foster community: Take on requests, complete favors, and work as a role model to provide inhabitants with the confidence to support one another. Don't be afraid to ask for help: we're rebuilding together!
  • Combat Rot: Solve puzzles and fend off Rot as you delve into particularly infested locations of The Grove. Take caution: especially formidable Rot have taken residence in the depths of these areas!
  • Experiment with equipment: Utilize a variety of items to help gather resources, grow gardens, stave off Rot, solve puzzles, and indulge in the occasional musical interlude!
  • Cultivate your home: Care for garden plots, gather resources, curate libraries, upgrade your tools, and rebuild structures.

Between adventures, take the time to talk to other Greenlings living in The Grove. Who knows? Concord just might unlock a cherished Memory along the way. More than 48 Memories hidden throughout the world empower the young Guardian, granting them stat boosts like extra Health, Run Speed, Luck, and more.

Relax in a rustic world rendered in wholesome pixel art. Settle into the cozy island with a score incorporating warm acoustic instruments and catchy synth elements. Grow as a Guardian each day and fight the foes threatening the peace, but never forget the true goal: cultivating love and confidence wherever Concord goes.

"Garden Story's emphasis on fostering community perfectly aligns with everything Rose City Games stands for," said Will Lewis, co-founder and director, Rose City Games. "Thanks to Picogram's imaginative world, we believe Garden Story will provide both a relaxing escape and a lasting positive message for players when the game launches later this year."

Garden Story is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in Summer 2021.

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