'The Sims Superstar' Goes Gold

by Rainier on April 30, 2003 @ 10:28 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Now's your chance to grab fame and fortune, The Sims Superstar Expansion Pack has gone gold!! The game is scheduled for release on May 13, 2003. In The Sims Superstar, players can now realize their fantasies of stardom and wealth as they pursue the dream of being a Rock Star, Movie Star, or a Supermodel and live the lifestyle of a celebrity. All new gameplay, new social interactions, and a whole new in-game destination offers players an all access pass to the world of superstardom. Players will even have the opportunity to experience real-life celebrities in the game.

'Breed' - Screens

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Breed is a cutting-edge science-fiction shoot'em-up, which skilfully blends addictive, accessible, free-roaming gameplay with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to expand not only the gameplay potential, but also the player's perceived freedom within the game world. The USC Dropships are the primary assault, recon, and support vessels in Earth’s fight against the Breed. These aicrafts are highly maneuverable VTOL-capable vehicles, which are configured for both atmospheric and space flights. They can be pre-loaded with a variety of payloads and are used to ferry GRUNTS and other vehicles from the Darwin to the planet (thanks VE3D). Check out the screens!

The Adventure Company's E3 Lineup

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The Adventure Company today announced its lineup for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The company will be showcasing eight new products, including the much anticipated sequels to Traitors Gate and Mysterious Journey:Schizm. The company will also announce another blockbuster title at E3. “If there’s one thing The Adventure Company has proven, it’s that we know adventure. And this year is no different,” said Richard Wah Kan, CEO of The Adventure Company. “We’ve got another fantastic lineup and some surprise product announcements that no-one will want to miss.”

'DareDevil' (PS2) - Features & Screens

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The first game to feature one of Marvel Comics most popular superheroes. Daredevil is Matt Murdoch, a lawyer who was accidentally blinded by radioactive waste – an accident that may have taken his sight but also heightened his remaining senses to superhuman levels. Having seen his father, a once proud Boxer, killed by villains, Daredevil has sworn to make his home safe by battling the scum of Hells Kitchen – by day as Lawyer Matt Murdoch but at night as the justice seeking Daredevil. Daredevil can tell whether you are armed by smelling the gunpowder in the bullets, hear a heartbeat from metres away and can read by feeling ink on a page.

'The Hobbit' (GBA/NGC/PS2) - Screens

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"The Hobbit" is a third-person action/adventure game set in the world of Middle-earth. In the game, you take the persona of Bilbo Baggins, an unassuming Hobbit who has been unwittingly thrust into an epic adventure. Explore the mystical world of Middle-earth where you'll need to jump gaping chasms, climb treacherous mountains, solve mind bending puzzles and battle hordes of enemies just to survive. Meet enchanting Elves, battle-ready Dwarves, a powerful Wizard, massive Trolls, bloodthirsty goblins, and more as you traverse from the peaceful lands of the Shire to the harrowing forests of Mirkwood. And that's just the beginning. Today we got some new NGC, GBA as well as PS2 screens ...

'Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons' At E3 - Screens

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Batfish Studios today announced that they will be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Batfish will be on stand 2340 demonstrating their PC strategy game based on Gerry Anderson's popular television series, Captain Scarlet. Read more to check out some new screens ..

'Need for Speed Underground' (ALL) - Announced

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Enter the adrenaline-filled world of high performance street racers in the latest game from the award-winning Need for Speed franchise, Need for Speed Underground from Electronic Arts. The new EA GAMES title is under development by the award winning Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 team. The game features a breakthrough sensation of speed, developed by an OSCAR nominated special effects expert, and a spectacular graphic presentation showcasing an exciting lineup of licensed cars and aftermarket performance parts (mods) from top manufacturers.

UPDATE : The US press announcement mentions there is a PC version in the works as well.

'Hugo: Bukkazoom' (PS2) - Screens

by Thomas on April 30, 2003 @ 5:59 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Following the success of "The Evil Mirror" for PSX, PC & GBA, Hugo is now ready and eager to enter the wonderful world of PS2 PC & GBA, the first game being Bukkazoom. Together with his family, friends and sworn enemies, Hugo has been invited to race with his wild and wacky animated carts in the world of the Greenflies. This is a world of slushy swamps, bone-strewn deserts and country landscapes. What makes it more exciting is the fact that Hugo and his companions have been shrunk to the size of the Greenflies themselves! This makes for a fun-filled racing adventure with new and thrilling challenges... Today we serve up three new shots of free-roaming karting.

'Korsun Pocket' - Facts & Screens

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Korsun Pocket is the long-awaited sequel to the Ground Breaking Wargame; The Ardennes Offensive. Korsun Pocket uses a greatly improved version of The Ardennes Offensive engine to recreate the desperate German attempt to escape encirclement on the Russian Front early in 1944. The battle is a tense and exciting struggle, with neither side having a decisive advantage, as the Russians struggle to form the pocket, then try to resist successive German rescue efforts and last ditch attempts at breakout.

'WrestleMania XIX' (NGC) - Features & Screens

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The glory lives on in WrestleMania XIX only for the Nintendo GameCube. Featuring real-life Superstar abilities, an enhanced grappling experience and original story mode, players can enact 'Sweet Revenge' on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. Release Date: Oct-2003. Check out some new screens below!

Play For Profit With 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein'

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Ca-ching! Are you a serious computer gaming fan who dreams of using your fine-tuned playing skills to cash in big time? If so, the moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived. Today, YouPlayGames launched its highly-anticipated online skill-based gaming service, where gamers compete against one another in a quest for real-world cash and prizes. id Software's widely popular Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the first title to be featured on YouPlayGames' gaming service. As a special promotion, participants who sign up for a limited time will receive a one-time only five dollar credit in their YouPlayGames account for use in game competitions.

Logic3 Metal Dancing Platform (PS2) - Features

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Following the astounding success of the Logic3 Dance Mat, SpectraVideo are pleased to launch a brand new and incredibly exciting Metal Dancing Platform for the many dance games enthusiasts. The Dance Platform is almost identical to those found in the arcade, comprising of heavy-duty pressure pads under each directional arrow, that illuminate whenever a pad is depressed which really allows the user to enjoy the most incredible arcade experience in the comfort of their own home.

'Pure Pinball' Goes Gold!

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Bumpers, flippers, and multiball in the loop as Iridon Interactive reveals that the PC version of its upcoming 3D flipper-fest extravaganza Pure Pinball has gone gold. Featuring free-roaming 3D graphics, tons of special game modes, and psychotic fun, Pure Pinball is the flipper baby that will take you all the way to pinball heaven.

Arxel Tribe At E3

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ARXEL TRIBE will be present at E3 in South Hall this year on OMPR's dedicated Games Pavillon # 436. OMPR's booth and Café area will be accessible from the major East/West Aisle. ARXEL TRIBE will be presenting, amongst others, HANNIBAL - THE GAME that will be released late Q3 beginning of Q4 2003. Demos of the game will be realised exclusively on appointment..

Techland Conquers German Market

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Techland has signed a deal regarding distribution of five of their products in German-speaking countries. According to this agreement Koch Media will be distributing Techland games in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. “Koch Media with their market possibilities and experience in German-speaking countries is a perfect partner for distribution of our products on those markets” says Przemek Marmul, responsible for international sales in Techland. Koch Media will soon release first three products mentioned in the deal. These will be Pet Soccer, Pet Racer, and Chess 2003. The other two products, Chrome and Xpand Rally, will be released later this year. German players will have to wait for the premiere of Chrome until the third quarter of 2003.

'NBA JAM' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on April 30, 2003 @ 1:21 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

The over 6 million-selling Granddaddy of Basketball is back! Redeveloped from scratch for PlayStation2 & Xbox, NBA JAM brings the "in your face" highlights of NBA play to life with over the top, arcade-style 3-on-3 Basketball featuring spectacular high-flying dunks, ankle-breaking crossovers and "get that outta here" blocks! Read more for additional details and some screens ...

Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

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'Space Empires: Starfury' Approaching A Galaxy Near You!

by Thomas on April 30, 2003 @ 12:29 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Shrapnel Games is pleased to announce today the next title in Malfador Machinations' award winning Space Empires series--Space Empires: Starfury. SE: Starfury represents a departure from previous titles in the Space Empires series, as players will live their alternate lives not as interstellar rulers, but rather as a single starship captain trying to eke out a life amongst the stars.

Layoffs At Shiny As Matrix Dev Finishes

by Thomas on April 30, 2003 @ 12:25 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

A story at let us know that a number of staff at development studio Shiny have allegedly been laid off following the successful completion of Enter The Matrix for parent company Infogrames, which will be released alongside the second movie in the Matrix trilogy later this month. It's by no means unusual for a studio to let go of staff after the end of a project, although online rumours suggest that some of those made redundant in this round of layoffs were actually quite senior members of the Shiny team - which is a bit more unusual. These rumours are unconfirmed as yet, but if true, they certainly scotch the possibility of Shiny launching straight into work on a quick follow-up to Enter The Matrix to coincide with the release of the third film towards the end of this year.

'Starships Unlimited: Divided Galaxies' - Facts & Screens

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Starships Unlimited: Divided Galaxies (SU:DG) is a Sci-Fi based, classic "4X" (eXplore, eXploit, eXpand, eXterminate) game, offering players an infinite variety of gameplay through the player-defined variables as each new game is set up. Players design their starships for different tasks, then begin exploring the galaxy, and using the alien artifacts that are discovered to support research efforts that will give an advantage in the "space race" to outmanoeuvre and outwit your opponents. If your military might is not enough, you can use diplomacy and espionage to achieve total domination and unite the Divided Galaxies under your control.