'Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth' - Screens

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The eagerly anticipated "Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth" is due for release Q3/Q4 2003 on both Xbox and PC formats. Production of the game is now at full pace and Headfirst are in a position to discuss this exciting franchise with potential partners.. Check out nine new rain-soaked PC screens. Bring a brolly.

'World War II: Frontline Command' - Screens

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Earlier today we posted up the information about that UK software publisher, KOCH Media signed the rights to publish renowned UK developer, The Bitmap Brothers latest PC-CDROM title - World War II: Frontline Command. Now we have ten gleaming new screenshots.

'Metroid Prime' (NGC) European Launch

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Nintendo and Retro Studios have combined their creative genius to bring the video game event of the year, the long awaited release of Metroid Prime, exclusive to Nintendo GameCube. 21st March marks the European launch of this blockbuster title, and the return of Samus Aran, the ice-cool bounty hunter who'll once again lock horns will the evil Space Pirates. Metroid Prime has already received outstanding reviews in the US, selling a staggering 250,000 copies within one week of its release.

TDK Mediactive Reports Q3 Results

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Mediactive, Inc. today reported financial results for its fiscal 2003 third quarter and nine months ended December 31, 2002, and updated its fiscal 2003 guidance... It also includes information about games to be released later on this year and in 2004..

For the fourth quarter we currently plan to launch Mercedes-Benz: World Racing for Xbox, Shrek Super Party for GameCube and the Muppets: On with the Show for Game Boy Advance. For fiscal 2004, we have a strong line-up of top brands, many of which will be debut releases. In addition to our recently acquired Star Trek game shipping this summer, we plan to launch titles based on Disney's Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean feature film releases in the fall and summer, respectively. We will also launch titles based on GM's Chevrolet Corvette in conjunction this classic car's 50th anniversary, as well as initial console games based on Masters of the Universe, Dinotopia and the Muppets. Clearly our focus continues on 'T' and 'E' rated games where we see the most attractive long-term market opportunities.

CDV Game Updates!

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CDV has updated several of their gaming sites with following news, screens and etc..

'No Man’s Land' First Screens Of The Englishmen

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No Man's Land official site is updated with first screens of the Englishmen.. Having just arrived, Englishmen settle the New World and their first ships sail under a war flag over the Atlantic to attack the fort of their eternal enemy, the Spaniards… Sail along the Magellan route and witness the battle between the two great powers! To the New World..

'Panzers' - Official Website

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The official Panzers website is online, and it’s packed with information about CDV’s latest tactical combat title. You’ll find a first look at the features, latest screens, a work in progress section and much more, collected for you by the Hungarian developer Stormregion Ltd.

'V-Rally 3' (NGC) Announced & Screens

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Infogrames, a leading global publisher of interactive entertainment software, is proud to announce that its hugely successful V-Rally franchise is hitting the Nintendo Gamecube system. Following on from the unprecedented success of the PlayStation 2 version and the impending release of the Xbox version, V-Rally 3 on Gamecube will hit the streets in June 2003.

Infogrames Half Year Revenue

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Infogrames Entertainment today releases its preliminary fiscal 2003 half-year revenue. The Group expects to release its fiscal 2003 half-year results for the period ending December 31, 2002 on February 13, 2003.. Scarcely riveting reading, but there's mention of Unreal 2 and Ikaruga.

Enhanced 'Project Zero' To Be Distributed By Microsoft

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Xbox today announced that it has reached an agreement with Tecmo to distribute the upcoming Xbox game 'Project Zero' in Europe. Project Zero, the survival horror hit from Tecmo, will be distributed by Microsoft Game Studios in the second quarter of 2003 and has been enhanced for its Xbox debut. The psycho thriller hit that has captivated players around the world boasts a variety of new terrifying features in the updated Xbox version. These include enhanced graphics, terrifyingly real new ghosts, unlockable new costumes for Miku, and an alternative ending that promises to reveal new answers to some of the mysteries surrounding the Himuro mansion.

'Rise of Nations' UK Launch In May!

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Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Rise of Nations, the latest real-time strategy game from famed game developer Brian Reynolds, will launch in the UK early May. Poised to reinvent the genre, Rise of Nations allows players to overwhelm opponents with military might, or to apply the tried-and-true art of diplomacy to campaign over 6,000 years of history from the Ancient Age to the Information Age - and ultimately, to achieve global prominence.

KOCH Media Goes To WAR With The Bitmap Brothers

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UK software publisher, KOCH Media announced last week the exciting news that they have signed the rights to publish renowned UK developer, The Bitmap Brothers latest PC-CDROM title - World War II: Frontline Command. Set during the climax of the Second World War, Frontline Command lets aspiring Generals make the strategic commands necessary to turn the tide of Axis aggression and liberate occupied Europe.

'1503 A.D.' Is Close To The Finishing Line!

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Sunflowers let us know that 1503 A.D. is soon done.. 14th of March is the day 1503 A.D. will be released! Here is the announcement and some links to trailers and etc..

14th of march is the day you should mark on your calendars because on this very day, the international version of 1503 A.D. will be released! Have a look on the new trailer we produced to celebrate this event: The trailer outlines the rich gameplay possibilities you can experience in 1503 A.D.: Explore new worlds, establish vast settlements, trade with your allies and battle against your foes. Combined with excerpts from the game’s gorgeous video sequences, this trailer really shows how 1503 A.D. plays and feels. You can download new 77 seconds trailer in two different video formats.

We also revised the product info website and added new information about 1503 A.D. Visit the product info site to find new game info, quotes from international gaming magazines and a compact feature list.

The Downloads section has been expanded and offers a brand new wallpaper and a set of international banners in six different languages that webmasters and fans can add to their own 1503 A.D. websites.

Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

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'Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced ' (GBA) - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 23, 2003 @ 10:19 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced is the sequel to the smash hit Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. The story takes place directly after the events of the first, but takes gameplay to a whole other dimension. The nefarious N. Tropy is back and up to no good again. This time, he has teamed up with an all new partner-in-crime, the hypnotically evil N. Trance, to brainwash Crash's friends and turn them into bad guys! Now Crash must face off against his friends and bring them back to the side of good... or lose them to the villainous duo forever! We now have a trailer showing off some in game singleplayer as well as multiplayer action...

'Red Shark' - Screens

by Tony "OUberLord" Mitera on Jan. 23, 2003 @ 9:49 p.m. PST | Filed under News

The Russian Secret Service has developed special technology that allows visits to the past. As the most fearless of all Russian Fighter Pilots, you are chosen to go it alone: sent back in time to destroy the Nazi's and their attempts to control the globe. Take control of Red Shark: a heavily armed KA-50 Combat helicopter in a Top Secret campaign that transports you back to Nazi Germany. The history of time is ready to be altered and you're in control - and in the cockpit. Read more for screens!

'Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven' (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 23, 2003 @ 9:38 p.m. PST | Filed under News

The newest installation in the acclaimed stealth ninja series, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven delivers the most realistic, stealth-based, ninja-action/adventure game ever. Coming to the PlayStation 2, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven features impressive new stealth attacks, an enhanced fighting engine, new weapons and tools, larger levels, improved character animations, new multiplayer options and hidden characters. One of those hidden characters, Tesshu, has been revealed now...

'RTX Red Rock' (PS2) - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 23, 2003 @ 9:25 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Radical Tactics Experts, who evolved out of the military's special forces, are the smartest and toughest members of the armed services, uniquely known for their strategic thinking, adaptability, and pure military muscle. Individuals from this elite unit are trained for insertion into undefined combat situations where even a small team is too large and unwieldy. In RTX Red Rock players immerse themselves into the role of Wheeler, who engages in fierce tactical combat, investigates mysterious, foreboding environments, and solves challenging puzzles to reclaim the Red Rock colony on Mars. We now have the intro of the game ready for you to download and find out why Wheeler was chosen to save the Red Rock colony, all 6 minutes worth of it!

'Far Cry' - Screens

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In Far Cry, the player finds himself abducted and taken to a group of beautiful islands in Polynesia where he finds sun, sea, sand and... sub-machineguns! Our unlikely hero soon finds himself fighting for survival against highly trained and heavily armed opponents, whilst becoming ever more embroiled in a deeper conspiracy. Check these new screens, damn its looking GOOD!

'Etherlords II' - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 23, 2003 @ 1:43 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Etherlords II is the sequel to the innovative turn-based strategy game originally released in November 2001. Similar to Etherlords I, which was highly praised for its tactical depth and stunning graphics, Etherlords II promises to be even more spectacular, changing the emphasis of the game from simple exploration and resource gathering to a more enriching story-driven adventure. check out these 4 brand new screens ...