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Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

by Thomas on Dec. 29, 2002 @ 5:32 p.m. PST | Filed under News

'Silent Storm' - New Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 29, 2002 @ 5:19 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Silent Storm is a true 3D game combining turn-based tactical combats and role-playing set against the background of the WWII. As the war rages on, you will lead a squad of elite troopers deep behind enemy lines to perform secret missions and prevent a disaster the true scale of which could be fully appreciated by neither of the involved parties... Today the Russian fan site posted up a bunch of new exclusive ingame screens that you can check out here!

Gamecube Review - 'Metroid Prime'

by The Cookie Snatcher on Dec. 29, 2002 @ 6:47 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Samus first stopped the evil Space Pirates and Mother Brain from amassing an army of Metroids on the planet Zebes. Then she was called on to finish the job on SR388, ultimately ridding the universe of all but a single Metroid larva. In Super Metroid, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Samus thwarted Mother Brain's attempt to snatch the captive Metroid larva from the scientists on Ceres. Now, Samus is once again called to investigate Space Pirate activities on the unexplored Tallon IV. Here adventure begins as she enters a mysterious derelict spaceship.