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Take-2 Int. Software, Inc. Releases Myth II: Worlds

by Rainier on Oct. 1, 2001 @ 9:53 p.m. PDT

Best User-Created Scenarios, Mods and Strategy Guide Now Available in One Definitive Collection. Take-2 Int. Software, Inc today announced that "Myth II: Worlds™ has shipped to stores. The package combines the company's award winning "Myth II™: Soulblighter," with material created by experts and fans in the Myth community. The game is available for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

"Myth II: Worlds" includes an assortment of 3D Battlefields bursting with third party mods, solo levels, multiplayer maps, and total conversions. The
package also includes the official "Myth II" Strategy Guide in electronic format. With over 50 single player levels and dozens of multiplayer maps, "Myth II: Worlds" introduces a powerful roster of unique characters and units ranging from dwarves and samurais to mythical beasts and tanks.

"Having our work included in 'Myth II: Worlds' is a priceless opportunity to showcase our greatest effort as Myth Mod makers," said Rick Stufflebean (aka Clem) "Creation" co-leader, makers of "The Seventh God". "'Myth II: Worlds' provides fans of Myth with a massive archive of unique maps that they can enjoy the game for a long time to come with solo, co-op, or online multiplayer play."

"Myth II: Worlds" includes several popular mods, including:

  • "The Seventh God," an ambitious add-on with 18 solo levels and 20 new characters.
  • "Jinn," the impressive conversion set in an alternate universe, including seven new solo missions, five new multiplayer maps.
  • "Bushido: Way of the Warrior," a total conversion for "Myth II" set in Feudal Japan.
  • "World War II: Titans," a mod that introduces infantry with a varied arsenal and tanks with ground-shaking main cannons.

"The Myth community has shown itself to be very dedicated to their favorite game, and extremely talented," said Craig Goodman, creator of World War II: Titans. "Fans have worked alone or in teams with people from all over the world to create maps and total conversions that span nearly every genre and offer some spectacular gameplay you can't find in any other game."

Players may enjoy multiplayer "Myth II: Worlds" with head-to-head or cooperative play for up to 16 players via LAN. In addition, they may play for free over the Internet through Bungie.net. The game also features the standard Myth II editors, Fear and Loathing, and a host of Third Party tools to make level creation even easier.

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