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THQ Deals with Sega

by Rainier on Oct. 11, 2001 @ 4:02 p.m. PDT

THQ will co-publish 16 of Sega's GameBoy Adv. games in the United States. This press release includes some renamings and couple of announcements.

Sega And THQ Announce Multi-Title Co-Publishing Agreement

16 Game Boy Advance Titles Scheduled for Release through 2003, Including "Sonic Advance" and "The House of the Dead Pinball"

THQ Inc. and Sega Corporation today announced an exclusive, multi-title co-publishing agreement. Under the agreement, THQ will co-publish 16 Game Boy(R) Advance titles featuring Sega brands through 2003 throughout North America. The first six titles, "Sonic Advance(TM)," an "MLB-licensed game" (working title), "Columns Crown(TM)," "The House of the Dead(TM) Pinball" (working title), "Smash Pack(TM)" and "Puyo Pop(TM)," are scheduled to release through March 2002.

The agreement provides Sega with greater exposure on the Game Boy Advance platform as it transitions exclusively to software publishing and provides THQ with highly recognizable content and further solidifies its position as a leading independent Game Boy Advance publisher. Sega and THQ will collaborate on all Sega-branded Game Boy Advance games to ensure concurrent release with Sega's major platform titles.

"Sega has a long and storied history of software innovation," stated Brian Farrell, President and CEO, THQ. "We look forward to expanding our leadership position in the handheld category by bringing some of their leading brands including Sonic and Major League Baseball to Game Boy Advance."

"For years, we have had a huge cult following ... gamers who have stayed committed to the brand and content and are the soul of Sega," said Peter Moore, President and COO, Sega of America. "This alliance helps us bring the Sega experience to an expanded universe of gamers. Using THQ's unparalleled know-how with the GBA platform even better positions us to meet our long-term goals in the shortest amount of time."

The first six titles to be published through this deal include the following:

Columns Crown(TM)
Collect Magic Gems to score points in this classic Sega puzzle game, either solo, or 2-player via the Game Boy Advance Game Link

Puyo Pop(TM)
Clear the screen of Puyo and make up to four opponents' screens harder to clear by sending them Block Puyo through the Game Boy Advance Game Link

The House of the Dead(TM) Pinball (working title)
Based on the popular The House of the Dead franchise, manipulate a pinball to rescue citizens and take out zombies

Sonic Advance(TM)
Marking the 2D return of Sega's mascot Sonic, solve puzzles and avoid traps to foil Dr. Eggman's evil plot with the help of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Amy. Up to four players with the Game Boy Advance Game Link.

Smash Pack(TM)
Play numerous memorable Sega titles from the days of Sega Genesis(TM).

An MLB-licensed game (working title)
Enjoy America's favorite pastime on GBA, featuring real Major League Baseball players and fields. Follow teams throughout the season to the pennant race, solo or multiplayer though the Game Boy Advance Game Link.

In addition, the two companies have identified ten more titles, which they will co-develop and release through 2003.

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