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David Beckham Soccer (GBA PS PS2 Xb)

by Rainier on Oct. 12, 2001 @ 2:32 p.m. PDT

David Beckham Soccer will be released on the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance in late November, with versions for the PlayStation2 and Xbox following in time for next year’s World Cup.

David Beckham Soccer allows you to perfect your skills with David Beckham in the Training mode – including a tutorial from Beckham himself on how to take his famous free kicks. The game also has hidden teams hand-picked by David Beckham. This is in addition to having over 200 top club and international teams, using up-to-date squad and player data including real player names alongside a comprehensive mix of game modes for short-term and long-term challenge.

Glen O’Connell, Communications Director at Rage commented: “David Beckham is currently the most famous sports star in the country, if not the world, today and we are delighted to be making his only officially endorsed range of video games. Our game offers a mixture of fluid and competitive game-play, a wide and varied selection of playing modes and an exclusive ‘train with Beckham’ facility where David teaches you how to perform his free-kicks and other football skills. David Beckham Soccer is the only game where you can train like him, play like him and be him.“

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