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BAM! ENT. To Publish/Distribute REIGN OF FIRE For XBOX

by Rainier on Oct. 16, 2001 @ 3:29 p.m. PDT

BAM! Entertainment has announced that it will develop and publish Reign of Fire for the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft. The game is based on Spyglass Entertainment’s multi-million dollar action film, Reign of Fire, set for release in summer 2002.
Currently in production at UK-based development studio Kuju Entertainment Ltd., the game is due to release in fall 2002, and will follow the movie’s story which pairs a dragon-slayer and a hardened survivor who join forces to battle fire-breathing dragons.

The movie, which stars Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale, is an action/sci-fi story based in post-apocalyptic future England. An American militia leader (McConaughey) and a British castle dweller (Bale) must team up to fight off a brood of fire-breathing dragons that have emerged, seeking to return to dominance over man after a centuries-long rest. Bale’s character, whose mother was killed by a dragon, is now leading a clan of survivors. Together with the militia leader, he hopes to hunt down the queen of the dragons.

Reign of Fire for Xbox is set in dramatic scorched landscapes sometime in the near future. The scarred and devastated landscapes are a result of fierce battles between humans and dragons, two species competing for survival. As the story goes, twenty years ago a group of workmen unwittingly awakened the last of the great dragons from its slumber deep below the Jubilee Line extension to the London Underground. Reproducing at an alarming rate, mankind was quickly subdued by its offspring and the face of the planet changed into a wasteland of ash and decay. Bands of humans now huddle together in the few remaining dwellings trying to survive the best they can, yet always watchful for an attack from above. Some resistance exists, but not much as most are just living a day at a time.

Players will have the option of taking the side of the humans struggling against a seemingly insurmountable foe, the dragon. Or, they can play as a dragon--out to exterminate its enemy once and for all. Based on the upcoming Spyglass Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios movie, the game captures all the atmosphere and tension in a pyrotechnic maelstrom.

The game will take full advantage of the technical capabilities of Xbox. Reign of Fire will offer highly detailed objects, dynamic lighting, 3D positioned sound and much more. The game will also offer reactive music, which will give the game a film-like atmosphere, and courtesy of the outstanding Xbox visual technology, the game will showcase spectacular and realistic fire effects, which are an important and integral part of the game.

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