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Xbox Games Overview Part I

by Rainier on Oct. 17, 2001 @ 1:52 p.m. PDT

As mentioned in one of our previous articles there was a big European XBOX showcase yesterday so TONS of information was unleashed. To give you some idea of what to expect we have fact sheets for a bunch of games .. Part I covers : Fuzion Frenzy / Brute Force / Blood Wake / Azurik - Rise of Perathia and Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding. More To Come ...
“Amped™: Freestyle Snowboarding”

Availability: Spring 2002

“Amped™: Freestyle Snowboarding” is the first snowboarding game focused on freestyle riding. Rip the ultimate line on wide-open real mountains packed with jumps and rails. Hit the cliffs, jib the rainbow tree rail or take the hidden path through the trees for a different ride every time. Pull insane tricks in front of roaming camera crews to get your face on video and magazine covers. Get enough international exposure to become one of the world’s snowboarding media superstars. And do it all to the music of over 150 core indie tracks.


  • Open freestyle riding — Forget miles of barren wasteland and tight tunnel racers. Trick off of a huge variety of jumps and rails on wide-open mountains.
  • Jib, bonk or spin between runs to hidden areas and cool jump sequences.
  • Mountains are alive with crashing boarders, flying pros and roaming photographers.
  • Spectacular real mountains — Ride the runs on real mountain resorts: Utah’s Brighton, Vermont’s Stratton and California’s Snow Summit.
  • Premier snowboarding resorts are recreated with perfect snow conditions and jaw-dropping built-for-Xbox graphics.
  • Unlock international fantasy venues designed by world-renown terrain architect Chris Gunnerson.
  • Be a snowboarding media star – Get enough global exposure to become one of the world’s snowboarding media superstars.
  • Pull insane tricks in front of roaming photographers and camera crews to get your face on video and magazine covers.
  • Take on challenges like “follow the pro” or jib the snow off trees to gain exposure and unlock mountains.
  • Amp it up with the most music of any game, ever! — No more endless repetition of the same 10 songs, get 15 CDs worth of hot new indie music from pounding hip hop to rhythmic reggae.
  • Includes more than 150 new songs from core indie labels
  • Rip your own songs onto Xbox, make your own play lists, and import them into the game
  • More in-game choice for maximum replayability — Make your gameplay choices on the mountain, not in a menu of disconnected events. Start at the top of a peak and decide how to win.
  • Jump between 120 different runs packed with rails, kickers and half-pipes, each with six unique challenges, hidden areas and a rotating stream of spectators, for a different ride every time.
  • Experience true freestyle multiplayer — when not showing-off, players can taunt or throw snowballs at friends in freestyle multiplayer competitions.


“Azurik – Rise of Perathia”

Availability: Spring 2002

“Azurik” is one of the deepest, most immersive 3-D action-adventure games developed for Xbox. Players assume the role of Azurik, a young apprentice sworn to protect the sacred elements – fire, water, earth and air. As Azurik, players travel the vast realms of the elements on a mission to stop the progress of an apocalyptic prophecy already in motion.


  • Action, “Axion” style – A revolutionary weapon system lets gamers unleash the fury of the elements with attack powers and shields in a fraction of a second. Every great warrior must master his weapon; Azurik must also balance brains and brawn to defeat his enemies.
  • A Huge, Seamless Universe – The world of Perathia is an immense environment with regions dedicated to the elemental realms of air, earth, water, fire, death, and life. Each region is a feast for the eyes with incredible rich textures, dynamic lighting, real shading and spectacular particle effects that will make the world seem truly alive.
  • Smart, Dynamic Enemies – A vast array of unique and ever-changing creatures work together; flocking, swarming and riding one another to present dynamic combat challenges. Each creature has its weakness – find it, and exploit it to win. Be careful come nightfall, some things are not as they seem.
  • True Freedom in Gameplay – The gamer is truly free to explore the world of Perathia. Move between realms with no loading screens to distract you from your adventure.

“Blood Wake”

Availability: Spring 2002

"Blood Wake” is a fast action vehicular combat game fought with powerful boats and big guns. Boats engage in combat with other boats, forts and shore batteries in exotic locales. You play a naval lieutenant who is betrayed by an evil kingdom. With the help of an outlaw band of sea-raiders you must overthrow the devious army and restore order to the land.


  • Choose from ten different kinds of powerful gunboats. Catamarans, Torpedo Boats, Sampans, Devil Boats and more allow for a variety of combat experiences.
  • A huge array of powerful weapons. Chain guns, cannons, rockets, torpedoes, mines, etc. promise an explosive experience.
  • Split screen multiplayer. Battle against bots or your friends in multiplayer chaos – death match, team death match and more.
  • Over 25 single player story-based missions. Set in a variety of dynamic environments including: open ocean, island groups, sheltered bays, river deltas and deep canyons. Each mission has a variety of weather effects (fog, storms, typhoons, etc.) and timing (day/night).
  • Over nine different types of missions. Including attack ship, defend ship/escort, attack building, recon and more.
  • Naturalistic artificial intelligence. Smart enemies and team-mates that react according to the battle situation.
  • Realistic water physics and effects. Experience rooster tail wakes, salt-water spray and rolling and crashing waves.

Brute Force

Availability: Spring 2002

“Brute Force” is a futuristic squad based, tactical shooter, played from a third person perspective. With just the tap of a button you can switch between four of the biggest bad-asses in the Universe. Command a team of elite mercenaries as they take on shadowy assignments across the known cosmos. Play simultaneously as the heavy assault trooper, Tex, the cyborg-enhanced sniper, Flint, the stealthy scout, Hawk, and the powerful feral alien, Brutus. Employ cunning, stealth and tactics to save your squad... or when all else fails just use Brute Force.


  • Four unique commandos – Switch between a sniper, assault trooper, scout or feral alien; four of the baddest commandos you’ve ever dealt with.
  • Four distinctly different worlds – Choose one of four unique settings for your battles:
  • The Volcanic Moon of Shadoon; filled with magma and psychically active religious cultists
  • The Desert World of Caspian; an earthlike world where several colonies and outposts are located
  • The Feral Homeworld of Ferix; a giant marsh and swamp planet with oppressive heat and humidity
  • The Shadow Outpost of Shrike; a barren landscape hiding a myriad of tunnels and possessing an atmosphere which is mildly poisonous to humans
  • Huge weapon variety – Choose from a devastating arsenal of human and alien weaponry and gadgets. Each squad member will be uniquely qualified to use weapons such as Miniguns, Sonic Cannons, Flamethrowers and Psychic Blasts in addition to stealth suits, infra-red goggles and weapons upgrades.
  • Command & Control – Deploy your commandos with a streamlined tactical interface to give commands on the fly to your team members. When separated, switch between your elite commandos with the tap of the button as the battlefield heats up.
  • Incredible Detail – Brute Force takes advantage of the Xbox like no game before creating huge living worlds and characters that appear CG in quality. Only the power of the Xbox GPU and the quick load time advantages of the Xbox Hard-drive allow for environments so huge, players so detailed and battles so frenzied.
  • 4-player multiplayer option – Choose from a huge assortment of multi-play options as you battle it out with up to three friends or pick your favourite commando and go it alone.
  • RPG-life character progression – Characters become more powerful and specialised as the game progresses, making your squad stronger and your life and death tactical decisions more precious... Do you commit the frontal assault and risk loosing valued team members or employ stealth and cunning to win the day?

“Fuzion Frenzy”

Availability: Fall 2001

“Fuzion Frenzy” is a non-stop party game with an edge. “Fuzion Frenzy” combines the continuous, frenetic action of a futuristic street sport with the action-packed fun of mini-games set in a dynamic 3-D urban environment. With six arenas and more than 45 mini-games, “Fuzion Frenzy” provides competitive fun for up to four players.


  • Non-stop action. The fun never ends with Fuzion Frenzy’s continuous action-packed game experience! Unlike turn-based games, Fuzion Frenzy provides real-time play for all players in both the main game and the mini-games.
  • Superior mini-games. Fuzion Frenzy contains many different types of mini-games designed to broaden the appeal of the party game. All of Fuzion Frenzy’s mini-games provide head-to-head, fast-paced, action-packed competition that requires strategy and skill to conquer.
  • Edgy, urban, futuristic theme and characters.
    Fuzion Frenzy’s edgy, urban, futuristic environment delivers a party game core gamers can relate to. Gamers immerse themselves in the various futuristic arenas for a more compelling gaming experience.
  • Scaling. Players can customise the length of the game or play only individual mini-games.
  • Dynamic environments. Fuzion Frenzy includes highly interactive and constantly changing urban-arena environments. These changes make for a unique game playing experience every time.
  • Superior graphics and sound. Impactful and advanced visual effects and sound features are made possible with the power of Xbox technology

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