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PC REVIEW: Crazy Factory

by Rainier on Oct. 18, 2001 @ 10:54 a.m. PDT

Monte Cristo Games decided to surprise us with Crazy Factory, their new upcoming wacky business sim. Is it a crazy idea to make this title? Will it really drive you crazy? Or is it crazy to NOT play this game? Read on and find out ... im crazed out ...

Crazy Factory , also known as Gadget Tycoon is a wacky simulation of today's Industry life.You can choose out of 3 things u want to produce: Space-Age Latrines, Jet-Propelled Rolers or Androids. You start off with a really ugly factory in which everything is either broken or dirty. Once you start selling your products you can renovate/upgrade/improve the factory untill it looks brand-spanking new!

The Factory is divided into 4 main departments : Production , Research , Marketing and Administration. You start with hiring some scientists to research different components for your 'contraptions'. This can be anything from a simple toilet seat to a voice activated flusher, mouting a tv on the latrine or a pair of rocket skates.

Your lab can be equipped with all sorts of research equipment and other machinery to help you. The research will progress faster if you have better educated and high skilled researchers working for you. Or when you have better lab benches for your researchers ( a high-tech lab bench will help your staff to work a lot faster/better than with a highschool lab bench ). Once you researched some of the basic components for your final product , you can buy some machinery to develop your fine product. By hiring a more qualified/ higher educated staff and buying better machinery you can not only produce more goods but also get them finished much faster. You have to be careful not to produce too quick as well as pay attention to the fact you can not use outdated and less advanced equipment. If you do so, your machines can break down resulting in the need to buy new ones, or even worse, they can cause injuries for your employees so they can sue you into bankrupcy!

The Marketing department is there to market your products and take care of some much needed advertisement. For example you can give your Marketing Dept. the order to negotiate the rights to a blimp that will hoover the city with your company logo in bright neon glow, or even better, your name burned into the surface of the moon with a laser! They can also help you sell off old stock or bribe your distributor so that you can sell your product cheaper.

Administration is there to keep your staff happy. For example, they can motivate the workers by giving them "motivational speeches" or hand out presents to well preforming workers. They can also "negotiate" with the mob, who can help you "take care" of the competition, if you know what i mean. Additionally, the Administration can also help ruin the competition by launching rumors and other nasty things.

Your business competitors will of course try to steal your inventions or sabotage your factory. Thats why you have to hire good security and some big nasty looking watchdogs. You can also hang up cameras so the perpetrators can't get in without being noticed , or install a big steel security door which can only be brought down by a tank.

Overall Crazy factory is a great game. The wacky business simulation this games brings is simply remarkable. By combining a hardcore business sim with wacky graphics and funny options makes this game is a real winner!

The game runs on most Windows versions except (unconfirmed) Win ME/XP, a fairly lower cpu requirement (Pent 200) and an average 64MB ram ... so basically any up to date computer user can and SHOULD enjoy this game. Not only is this game great fun by your lonesome but also supports Network and online gaming (up to 8 players).

If you want to view a trailer for the game .. CLICK HERE

Gameplay : 8.5
Graphics : 7.0
Sound : 7.0
Music : 6.0
Overall : 7.5

Used system

P3 1.000 / 512mb Ram / Win98SE Guillemot 3D Prophet Geforce2 Pro
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