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'Jet Set Radio Future' Soundtrack & Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 19, 2001 @ 2:13 p.m. PDT

The Latch Brothers Provide Exclusive Tracks and Remixes, Alongside Other Grand Royal Songs and WaveMaster's Distinct Scoring. Expected mid 2002 ... Enjoy the screens...

Attention all DJs, skaters, breakers, rockers and pop lockers, get ready for some gritty grooves that reflect the futuristic urban lifestyle depicted in "JSRF-Jet Set Radio Future™." When early 2002 rolls around, this beat-driven extreme action adventure game will be released by Sega┬« of America, Inc. for the Xbox™ videogame system from Microsoft┬«. Featuring an eclec"tech" original soundtrack by the LA-based Latch Brothers, the Japan-based WaveMaster (who also scored this game's prequel, "Jet Grind Radio™"), and exclusive remixes and licensed tracks from the Grand Royal roster, "JSRF-Jet Set Radio Future" will have both gamers and music fiends bobbing their heads to the funky futuristic beats. With the recent news of Grand Royal closing their doors, this soundtrack represents the last release from an acclaimed label as they go out on a high note.

"Grand Royal kept below the mainstream radar by pushing the boundaries of underground music in the same fashion that Sega challenges the conventions of the videogame industry," said Mike Fischer, group director of marketing, Sega of America. "This compilation might mark the end of an era for the label, but its engaging unorthodox approach to hip hop, rock and electronic music provides the blueprint for the next era in videogame soundtracks."

The Latch Brothers - who are a three-man collective, featuring Mike D, Tick and Wag - composed five original songs for the soundtrack. Rather than creating a soundtrack by selecting the flavors of the week, The Latch Brothers actually met with Smilebit - the subsidiary/development company within Sega responsible for "JSRF-Jet Set Radio Future - to get a true understanding of the game's aesthetics. After extensive discussions and analyzing footage of the game, The Latch Brothers began crafting their cuts. They also applied their remixing skills to create exclusive new versions of tracks by Grand Royal's Bran Van 3000, The Prunes, and BS 2000.

Additional artists who contribute songs from the extended Grand Royal family are Bis, Cibo Matto, Scapegoat Wax, and Russell Simins (drummer for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), all of whose tracks reflected the vibe of the game.

Since the techno score recorded by WaveMaster's Hideki Naganuma was a key ingredient in making "Jet Grind Radio" so memorable, it's no surprise that his contributions to "JSRF-Jet Set Radio Future" are as equally hook-entrenched. Having worked previously with Smilebit, the Sega development studio behind both games, the cuts carved out by WaveMaster definitely capture the pulse of this title.

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